Day of Epic Happenings #1

Occasionally, you have a day that re-affirms that everything in life can be fun and enjoyable.  The one I just had has made me optimistic enough to number this post, in hopes of more to come.

The day spanned from 9:30 AM to 4:00 AM the next day.  Ho boy.

First, I showed up to the Arts Lecture Hall at my university in the wee hours of the morning.  Robostrike was organizing a Gundam model building event, and I figured that I might as well try it out, despite not really being a Gundam fan.  I had asked him a few weeks earlier if I could participate, and just build one of his models for him.  He agreed, and so there I was.    Robo was building a Gundam Unicorn model base (this one).  RoadmanB was there as well, but he was just perusing a model magazine.

Model building is tedious at times, but actually pretty fun.  I’m sure I made numerous rookie mistakes (one being accidentally throwing out the sticker sheet), but I did my best to try to ensure that the model I would eventually give back to Robo was an acceptable one.  Partway between the building process, I had to duck out to go to lunch with another friend.

Lunch was delicious, as always, because it was all you can eat sushi.  The two of us downed numerous plates of the stuff, including my favourite: the salmon pizza.  She dropped a lot of bombs on me; a result of the fact that we haven’t really seen each other in a few years; and I returned to the school in a very positive mood.

As I continued the model building, my hair was really starting to get in the way.  Thankfully, MapleRose had brought a few hair clips with her, so I used one.

Yes, I really did.

And just to show that I don't care...

In the end though, I finished the Calamity Gundam!

What a terrible first picture of this model

I presented it to Robostrike, and began to walk away to start cleaning up, when he insisted that I take it and keep it, because I was the one who built it.  I didn’t know how to respond, and I still don’t, really.  Thank you, Robo; I’ll have to pay you back for this soon!

For the rest of the show (of which I watched about ten seconds), I played Mario Kart with the group.  I quickly fell in line with the Vacuum Kart team, led by the infamous Lliw.  Despite me never using drift boosts, I was consistently second out of a group of seven players, thus proving either my skill, or the vacuum kart’s superiority.  I’d like the think it’s the former.

After the show, we all filed into a room in the SLC, which for some reason smelt awful at first.  It was loud outside, and louder inside, and in order to talk to the person beside you, you had to yell.  Shian didn’t help the situation much by playing what seemed like crappy 8-bit music on an infinite loop throughout half of the night.  We settled in at around 10 PM, and left at 3:30 AM.  I ended up playing a few games of Dominion.  Because we had eight players, Ymerej led one group, and I led the other.  My aggressive strategy almost paid off, but once the dust settled, I ended up tied for first in my first game.  I played again with Lliw and Nadroj.  Lliw was playing multiplayer Mario Kart while we were playing Dominion, and we were switching the DS between each other so that one of us was taking a turn while the other was racing.  Despite this handicap, our combined efforts got us in the top placements incredibly often.   Sushifaerie set up a game of Cities and Knights (a Settlers of Catan extension), and I got roped into playing, despite not knowing any of the new rules.  I ended up losing that game by two points (13-12-11-10 were the scores, I think, with myself being the 11), which I’m going to claim is impressive, considering I didn’t know what I was doing when I laid my first settlement and city.

Finally, when the last game was over, we packed up and began to head home.  Shian offered to lend me a manga called Ikigami.  I read some of it before going to bed; it’s impressive so far…  Very thought-provoking, and caused me to reflect on the themes of the Japanese Religion course I’m taking this term (it’s all about death and dying).

Despite the crippling fatigue the next morning, I’m going to claim yesterday a success.  I have to admit though, the highlight of the night was a story time moment between RoseTech and NecroPhantasia .  RoseTech has a habit of bringing elicit material to club events, and this show was nothing new.  He brought a trio of Doujin (I didn’t catch the series name), that was essentially yuri (lesbian) softcore porn.  Like many of the things he owns, RoseTech’s volumes were in Japanese, so he was trying to get those who understand it to translate the volumes.  He ended up getting NecroPhantasia to translate a chapter for him:

An innocent bedtime story

Model picdump:

Calamity Gundam interrupting a game of Cities and Knights

Front Detail of Calamity

Side Detail

Back Detail

Close detail

Calamity terrorizing Mikuru

Nono is the hero, as usual


~ by buncythefrog on March 14, 2010.

2 Responses to “Day of Epic Happenings #1”

  1. Glad you enjoyed building it ^_^

  2. […] BuncyTheFrog made Calamity Gundam from Gundam SEED as his first model!  It was quite well done even for a first one!  Great Job! […]

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