I Support Free Speech

South Park has, for the past few years, been one of my favourite shows; maybe one day I’ll write a post about it.  Recently though, the South Park creators, Trey Parker and Matt Stone, have come under direct threat from radical Muslim groups as a result of them not caving under pressure from radical Muslim groups.  Now, to be quite honest, their latest two episodes “200” and “201” existed mostly to troll for such a response, but it helps to underline what I consider a ridiculous problem: that in this day and age, people will ignore the tenets of their own country’s constitution and laws, and try to suppress free speech through violence and intimidation.

And the problem is, the networks and corporations of the modern world are doing nothing to stop it.  They are too afraid to take the risks that come from putting forth acts of defiance  against these outdated and weak groups.  The only way we as an enlightened society can finally put an end to it is if we all show, in a united effort, that we will not cave to pressure, and that we will exercise our rights.  In order to do my part, I present this picture, which I drew earlier:


But you know what, it should never be lost that this is not an attack on Islam, it is a defense of my freedoms, and the freedoms of my fellow countrymen and women.  The picture I posted above is only part of a bigger one that I spent some time drawing, showing that no person or thing is special with regards to free speech.  I can draw Muhammed in the same way that I can draw any other figure be they religious, political, social, mythical, or anything in between.

I  support free speech, and I’m not afraid to defend it.

If you want to share your own image(s) of Muhammed or any other figure, feel free to exercise your freedom of speech in the comments.


~ by buncythefrog on May 1, 2010.

One Response to “I Support Free Speech”

  1. Agreed. The infringement of free speech rights is something that must be noted, and reduced.

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