When I Have Money…

I’m currently a poor unemployed person.  Mind you, I’m only a poor unemployed person because I’ve just graduated from University.  My experiences there are deserving of their own (possibly multiple) posts.  Anyway, my days now are spent looking for work and fantasizing about what I’ll do when I actually have cash flow coming in.  With that in mind, I’ve decided to actually write down my list, in order of priority.

  1. Pay off rent in the place I’m currently living, save up enough to pay until I leave
  2. Rent an apartment/condo to live in for the foreseeable future, or more specifically save up for it
  3. Get a fourth rat (name it Mammoth)
  4. Buy a PSP
  5. Buy more cards (Chaos and Weiss Schwartz)
  6. Buy a new processor for my computer
  7. Buy a netbook
  8. Buy a current-gen game console (preferably a PS3 so I can get Valkyria Chronicles)
  9. Buy a living room TV (as opposed to the one I use as a second monitor)

Of course, this list will be amended as life goes on, and I can always use suggestions 😉


~ by buncythefrog on May 4, 2010.

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