EIDBT – April 12, 2011

Holy shit, there goes any expectations of this being a boring year, for a while at least.

So last night, I had another dream.  What is it about Inaba that’s bringing these on?  Anyway, this one was very distinct from the one two nights ago.  I found myself surrounded by fog so thick I couldn’t see more than a few meters in front of me.  Red tiles seemed to float in the fog, supporting me, and making a pathway ahead of me.  I half-realized that I was carrying a huge sword.  Hey, something I can use to cut off that schlong nose the next time I see Igor in a dream.  I started to move along the path, as if driven by some supernatural force.  Out of nowhere, a voice started to speak to me.

“Do you seek the truth…?”
Not really. If anything, I’m seeking a bedroom that isn’t mostly moving boxes.
“If it’s the truth you desire, come and find me…”
I didn’t have anything better to do… I came to a door. As soon as I opened it, I found myself confronted by a figure obscured by the mist.
“So… You are the one pursuing me… Hmmhmhm… Try all you like…”
Strangely, I found myself understanding…  A tarot card floated in front of me.  I reached forward to crush it, and lightning ripped down from the sky to strike at my opponent.  I could cast magic.  Unfortunately, the mist obscured my vision, and the attack missed.
“Hmmm… It seems that you can see a little, despite the fog…”
I tried again, this time focusing my attention into bashing the figure with pure force. Another miss.
“I see… Indeed, you posess an interesting quality…”
This time, I used my magic to reinforce my body in a way I thought would let me strike much harder with my sword.
‘But… You will not catch me so easily… If what you seek is ‘truth’, then your search will be even harder…”
At this point, the figure seemed to wrap the fog closer around the two of us. I could hardly even make out where they would be standing any more. I wildly struck out with my sword. I only connected with the mist.
“Everyone sees what they want to… And the fog only deepens… …Will we meet again…? At a place other than here… Hmhm… I look forward to it…”

A knocking snapped me out of my dream.  Nanako was calling me for breakfast.  I figure it would help if I described Nanako, so I’m going to be writing some notes about her (and others I meet), and put them up elsewhere on the blog.  As I finished dressing and walked downstairs, Nanako already had everything set out for me.  That’s pretty impressive, for a grade-schooler like her. I told her what I thought, and she brushed it off as best she could by commenting that she can only cook breakfast, and that they buy dinner every night.  That explains the tasteless fried rice; probably from some third-rate restaurant.  She surprised me again by offering to walk with me part of the way to school.  It seems that a day was enough for my natural charm to seep through and let her trust me a little.

After we parted ways, I was off on my way to school.  To be honest, I wasn’t expecting anything special.  I’ve moved from school to school before, so I was more than prepared for the usual routine.   Oh right.  Funny thing; on the way there, some idiot was riding his bike through the rain, trying to hold an umbrella as he did.  Just after he passed me, the fool ran into a telephone pole.  He seemed pretty hurt, but it wasn’t my problem.  I just chuckled and continued walking.

My introduction…  Was interesting.  My home-room teacher is…  you know that awkward Christian kid at school who would always cringe at any open sign of affection, never knew how to talk to anyone, and yet thought he was better than everyone?  Him, but thirty years later and a teacher.  In the first five minutes of me being in his class, he managed to insult my last home town, everyone in the class, my parents, and me.  I called him on his bullshit; it got the classes’ attention, and got me on his shit list.  Like I’m going to be scared of the big bad Morooka.

Thankfully, someone in the class broke the tension by asking if I could sit beside her.  Yeah, her.  I work that fast.  I took my seat, and she gave me some quick warnings: Morooka has a really bad reputation at school, especially for putting people in detention.  Anyway, this chick…  Hot.  Athletic hot.  short hair, and she wears this green and yellow suit.  She must be a badass, I gotta think, because that’s not the school uniform.  Damn, the wild ones are always fun.

After the day ended, but before any of us could actually leave, an announcement came over the PA system telling us all to stay in school.  An incident had happened in school grounds, apparently.  We heard sirens and everything.  The short-haired chick sitting next to me started talking to a friend of hers.  Apparently there’s a local rumour that if you look into a TV at midnight when it’s raining, your soul mate will appear.  Bullshit, I know, but strangely enough, one of the students here apparently saw that Yamano woman, the announcer in this scandal, in the TV.  I shrugged it off.  She was on TV a lot lately, maybe there was some interference that picked her image up from another channel.  I heard some students talking…  Apparently some of the people involved in the scandal were seen around Inaba.  Well, at least this town can claim it has something going for it.  Eventually, we were given the go-ahead, but we were told to go straight home.  I wasn’t complaining; I still had a lot of unpacking to do.

On my way out, the short haired chick and her friend came up to ask me to walk home with them.  Hey, when you don’t have to DO anything and they’re falling all over you, you know you’ve arrived.  Maybe the fact that I’m from a big city makes the chicks flock to me.  Anyway, the short-haired one’s name is Satonoaka Chie.  Her friend’s Amagi Yukiko.  We were just about to leave when that poor sap from earlier today came by, handed Chie a DVD, apologized profusely, and started to book it.  Apparently the kid had borrowed a martial arts DVD of Chie’s called “Trial of the Dragon” (Kung fu, nice) and cracked it to shit.  Chie made my day by delivering a brutal kick to his balls.  As I was following them out, I heard him say, “I think mine’s cracked too…  C-critical hit to the nads…” Hah.  I left him to his misery again.  As we left, I realized that it was pretty foggy.  Creepy, considering my dream last night.

When we reached the school gate, some kid who somehow managed to be even creepier than Igor and Morooka cornered Yukiko and asked her on a date in a way that gave me chills (not the good kind, the kind that would instantly turn any situation into a disturbing one).  Some students were whispering about the “Amagi Challenge.”  Either she’s notoriously hard to date, or you’ve got to beat a league of some kind to get with her, I’m guessing.  Yukiko was acting pretty lost and disturbed.  Mostly disturbed.  The creeper started to get agitated.
“So… are you coming or not?” Yukiko seemed to curl up on herself. What a fucking mood-killer.
“I’m not going.”
“FINE!” With that, the kid ran of.

Chie chided Yukiko a bit about being asked out so often.  Yukiko apparently had no idea what was going on.  How does Chie get that, but Yukiko doesn’t?  Chie seems like the clueless type, not Yukiko.  Oh well.  New people; I can’t always be amazing at reading people.    Overhearing this, the pain magnet walked by with his bike.  He asked Yukiko out, and this time, Yukiko knew what was going on.  Needless to say, he was shot down as well.  Damn this kid must be a sucker for punishment.

So finally, the three of us were back on our way home.  Chie confirmed my suspicions: there’s nothing in Inaba.  They might have some famous clothes or pottery…  And apparently Yukiko’s family owns an inn that’s pretty well known.  In fact, Chie was really pushing Yukiko on that walk.  Either she has a friend complex, or she’s trying to set me up with Yukiko.  Either could be good news.  I’m starting to like it here a little more.

We eventually came across a crowd.  Well, it was no more than six people, but in a town this small, it must count as a crowd.  Long story short…  A high school student from my new school was walking home when she found a dead body hanging from an antenna.  I really hope that this wasn’t some hick sex act gone awry.  Note to self: don’t ever “do it” with a local girl on any roofs in this town.

Dojima, being a detective, was around, and he quickly discovered us milling.  He tried his best to rush us along  (understandable, really), but had to deal with his partner, who he called Adachi, who had started to get sick at the sight of the body.  I figured that it probably wasn’t the best idea to interfere with an investigation, so we made our way through the fog back to our respective homes.  I don’t want to make the mistake of being too forward with either of these girls, lest I get shot down because I didn’t do my homework.

I spent the night having dinner with Nanako.  The news was obviously all about the murder.  The body was identified as Yamano Mayumi, that reporter involved in the scandal.  Nanako seemed anxious at all this talk of death, so I asked her if she was worried about her father.  She shook that question off, telling me that because Dojima is a detective, things like this happen.  I have the feeling she didn’t really believe what she said, but before I could get myself to press her for more details, a Junes commercial aired.  After she sang the song, she looked at me expectantly…  I had no choice but to repeat it.

Hey, she’s cute when she does it.  Shut up.

So, day two of Inaba.  If this keeps up, it might have actually been worth it to move here for a year.  Certainly it’s giving me something to write about.


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