EIDBT – April 18, 2011 – What up, Funky Student?

Big news today, guys.  No, nothing to do with the murders happened.  Instead, I met the funkiest motherfucker EVER.

Before classes started, I spent some time talking to Yosuke and Chie.  She was pretty embarrassed about yesterday, what with Yosuke and I being able to hear her hidden feelings.  Yosuke wondered why I didn’t have to go through something like the others.  I’ve been thinking about that myself.  Yosuke suggested that it was because I have nothing to hide.  I don’t think that’s it; I think it might be that because I have the power of the Wild Card, I can always be wearing a true aspect of my personality at all times, and just simply not show particular people certain parts of my personality.  That might not make any sense, but I’m still figuring this out myself.  Chie commented that there’s a funny air around me that draws people toward me.  That’s just me working my charm, but I’ll take that.  Chie took a moment to thank me.
“There really is something different about you. I feel like you won’t let me down…” Once again, I felt voices fill my head. I’ve established a Social Link with Chie. Chie is the herald of the Chariot arcana in my mind, it seems. We exchanged numbers, and class began.

Mr. Kondo, our PE teacher, is apparently also going to teach us English. He asked me a question about definite vs indefinite articles. I of course answered correctly. Being smart is slowly scoring me a few points, it seems.

After school, I decided to look around a bit. I had some time, and I didn’t really want to push Chie too hard right away. Everyone around school was talking about the murders. I of course didn’t say anything about the Investigation Team… We’ve got to keep that under wraps. I hope the others realize that as well.

I did, however, head up to the third year’s floor to look around a bit. I happened to pass by… the… funkiest student I have EVER seen. I don’t even know the WORDS I can use to describe how funky he was. I decided to just refer to him as Funky Student as a result, because seriously, he is THE FUNKIEST STUDENT. That’s a definite article for you, Mr. Kondo. Anyway, I started talking with Funky Student.
“You… You’re a second-year, right? Heh, why did I assume that? ‘Cuz I know the ways of the world, son! I don’t know you, and you’re coming up, so it’s a 50-50 that you’re a second-year! Deductive reasoning like woah, son! Now I, the OG third-year, will challenge you, the second-year youngblood, with a riddle! And no, it isn’t because I’m trying to avoid studying for entrance exams! I’m just doing you a favour here, man! If you answer correctly, I will present you with a ‘key.'” I accepted his challenge. He could have asked me to eat something sickening, and I’d still have accepted. He’s just so… funky! “Looks like your spirit is willing. Let’s see if your mind can vibe to this…! Riddle time! I’ma drop some stuff into two distinct categories. At the end you gotta drop the last item onto the proper category. Can you dig it!?
Red’s group A
Grey’s group B
White’s puttin’ it down for group A
Orange has a group B tattoo
Green’s A for sheezy
Pink is group B times infinity
Aight, so which group does ‘black’ belong to, A or B? Holla!”

I thought long and hard about it. It was pretty damned tough. I shouldn’t have expected anything less from Funky Student, to be honest. Finally, I thought I had the answer. I laid down a solid “A”.
“Oh yeah! So tell me what all those items have in common! Give it to me!”
It could have been one of a few things, but it seemed the most likely that they were the most common flag colours.
“Yay ya-y! Your mind is a beautiful thing and you are not letting it go to waste, yo! Way to be! Since you’re down with vexillology, you knew that group A was four of the six most prevalent world flag colours. The other two to round out the top six are blue and yellow. I must say that I wasn’t expecting a second-year to have such trenchant insight. But you have passed, and I now dub you my riddle brother. Here’s a little sumthin’ sumthin’!” He gave me three chest keys. I’m not totally sure where they’d come in handy… Maybe we’ll eventually find some locked chests in the TV World.

Damn… I just can’t get over how FUNKY he is.

I wandered home, at a loss for something to do after my quiz session, and did some studying. I’m about to get to sleep. Perhaps I’ll go to see how much I can do to help Yukiko tomorrow.


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  1. Thanks very much for all this informations! ^o^

  2. Thank you!

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