EIDBT – April 19, 2011 – Maybe I joined the wrong club

So, I joined a sports club today.  …  I think I might have joined the wrong one.

Before I left for school today, I got a call on my cell phone. It was Margaret. How did she get my number? I mean, don’t get me wrong, it’s better than Igor just injecting his thoughts in to my brain, but still, how do they keep doing this? Anyway, Margaret told me that I shouldn’t be rushing gung-ho into my rescue. She clearly didn’t notice me taking the day off to hang with Funky Student. (By the way, I talked to Funky Student again today. He’s gotta spend some time deliberatin’ on another question for me)

On the way to school, I heard some girls talking. The sports clubs were accepting applicants today. They meet on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, but not on rainy days or the week before exams. I decided to check it out after school, so I went to talk to Morooka about that. He thought I just wanted to score with chicks. That’s true, but it wasn’t the reason I wanted to join a sports club. Anyway, I decided to join the Basketball Club.

After the club adviser finished introducing me, I watched a practice. For the most part, they really didn’t seem too interested in the game. Great, after all the time I spent playing basketball back home, I’ve joined a team with almost no competent or dedicated players.

After practice, one of the members walked up to me, and introduced himself as Ichijo Kou. A member of the Soccer Team joined our conversation. His name’s Nagase Daisuke. As I talked to them, I felt a familiar sensation in my gut. These guys are taking the role of the Strength Arcana in my brain. I was about to leave, when Daisuke asked Kou what he was doing:
“Are you stuck polishing the balls again?”
“Yeah, while they go to their parties, I get to stay here and play with balls. I loooove them balls. …… Man, I wanna go party, too!!” I think I said it before, but I really think I joined the wrong club. Seriously. Nevertheless, if these guys could help me in combat, I might as well be nice to them. I volunteered to help Kou and Daisuke clean up, then went home.

At home, I just said hello to Nanako, ate some dinner, checked the weather forecast, and studied some more. All in all, a fairly relaxing, if not disturbing, day. I’m thinking of going to the TV World tomorrow…


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Cloud Rain/Cloud Sun/Cloud Cloud Sun Cloud

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