EIDBT – April 20, 2011 – Shadows hurt

Well, I’ve spent some time in Yukiko’s castle now, and I can honestly say that I really hope that we get better at combat soon, because we’ve got a long way to go.

Before I get into the meat of my post, I wanna clear something up: people have been asking how I’ve been able to quote long conversations. It’s not because I have perfect memory, though that would be pretty useful at times. It’s because I have a voice recorder. It’s… pretty simple. It does get tiring transcribing things at times… Maybe I’ll cut down on that a bit.

As I was walking to school, Youske caught up to me. He asked me if I had ever tried to touch the people on the Midnight Channel. I told him what happened when I tried it a few nights ago. Turns out he had the idea to jump through a TV when the midnight channel was on so he could emerge where the person on the TV was. It was a good idea; too bad it doesn’t work like that.

Our class is being taught contemporary writing by a teacher called Mr. Hosoi. He… He has a puppet that looks just like him. He asked Yosuke a question about the spelling of ‘millennium’, which I helped him with. He seemed to appreciate me a bit more, and it sure helped me improve my subtle hints. (At times, you can answer questions for your classmates. These usually result in giving you some points toward that character’s social link, and some point toward a social stat [in this case, Expression])

After class, I asked Chie to gather everyone in the Junes food court so that we could go work on saving Yukiko. After a quick summary, we all jumped into the TV World, and headed over to Yukiko’s castle.

It looks like the layout of the first floor was different this time around; Teddie told me that it’s a constantly shifting landscape, probably reflecting how someone’s mind is never totally constant and stable… or something. Once again, I’m still pretty new at this.

I was able to extract Slime, Asparas, Pixie, and Sandman from my mind throughout the course of the day. I had to let Ukobach go… I only have room for so many Personas in my mind, it seems.

We soon came to the room that we fought Chie’s shadow in. Shadow Yukiko was there to greet us:
“Oh my! Special guests? I wonder how they’ll play into all this! *chuckle* Things are really heating up! Okie-dokie! I’m going back to the hunt for my Prince Charming! Ohhh, where could he be…? This place is huge! It’s sooo exciting, but it makes it so hard to find him! Ooh! Maybe he’s playing hide-and-seek in the fog! Ready or not, here I come! Let’s go further in then, shall we?”
I think I can see the conflict we’ll be watching Yukiko work through when she confronts her Shadow… In the short time I’ve been here, I’ve heard far too much about the Amagi Inn and seen Yukiko being forced into a role of responsibility there far too often. I don’t know if I’ve ever heard her say that she actually wanted this. In any case, we had to continue on.

Throughout the castle levels, I was able to find some locked chests that I could open thanks to the keys that Funky Student gave me. Inside, I found an Ice Pin, which reduces Ice damage, and Kevlar jacket. I took the jacket, and gave Yosuke the pin. Our weaknesses are still wide open… Some Shadows have been exploiting them and making follow-up attacks when they hit one.

There’s one thing that I really wanted to show you guys… There are times when Chie notices a chance for us to all attack at once… Just listen.

Once we got to the fifth floor, I decided to turn back. We’re really not used to combat, so we tired out pretty easily. Before we left, I took a trip to the Velvet room (I noticed a doorway in the TV World that it seems I can access without having to leave the TV) and fused some aspects of my personality together to create Orobas. It seems that fused Personas inherit skills from the Personas used to fuse them. Orobas enherited Zio from Izanagi and Garu, and started with Agi, so I can cast lightning, wind, and fire using one Persona. He should be useful later on.

I’m beginning to see how Chie and Yosuke fight. Chie uses Bufu (ice) attacks, but of course largely focuses on physical attacks. Yosuke it seems tries to be more balanced, with equal parts healing, Garu (wind) skills, and physical attacks. I need to keep these strengths and weaknesses in mind when I’m trying to direct them in lengthy battles.

After I got home, I was too tired to study again, so I’m writing this post, then going straight to sleep. I’ll see you guys tomorrow.


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