EIDBT – April 21, 2011 – Who needs a prince?

There’s not much to report today. We were able to do some more dungeon delving today. Good news is that the next time we go into the TV World, we’ll be rescuing Yukiko.

I’m not sure if it’s smart of me to even mention this, but last night, I had a strange dream. Kou and Daisuke were throwing me into the air. I’m pretty sure there was no handling of balls involved. In any case, I felt a little closer to them as a result. As if reading my thoughts, Kou came by today at lunch asking me if I wanted to go to basketball practice. I considered it, but I’m concerned about Yukiko. Knowing our battle abilities, I thought we could use as much time as possible to move through her castle.

I had some shopping to do before we left for the TV World again though. I picked up a copy of “A Great Man” to read when I get bored of studying, headed by Daidara Metalworks to sell some materials and buy a long sword, and finally went to Shiroku to get some Goho-Ms and some Value Medicine. I wasn’t fully prepared, but this was about all my wallet could handle.

In the Junes food court, I asked Yosuke and Chie what they thought of the situation. Youske chimed in first.
“First Saki-senpai, and now Yukiko-san… I never thought we’d get involved in a murder case like this…”
“Don’t talk like Yukiko’s already dead!”
“I know, I know. Calm down. Unfortunately, there’s a time limit… We have to save Yukiko-san before the fog sets in…”

Anyway, we got back to moving through the castle. I left on the fifth floor last time because Teddie thought he felt Yukiko’s presence. It was a good thing we took some time to recover, because behind one of the doors we opened, Yukiko was waiting for us with what looked like some sort of death knight. Yukiko Chuckled.
“My Prince wouldn’t lose to guards such as this, correct?” She walked off laughing, leaving us to battle with a very strong Shadow. Our general strategy was fairly simple. Yosuke handled healing, Chie was our lead attacker, and I attacked, providing support while needed. He hit hard, but the battle wasn’t that bad.

In the next few floors, I found Volt Suppressor, which I gave to Yosuke. Suppressors, it seems, increase the chance of evading attacks based on that element.

I finally got up to the eighth floor. Teddie seemed to think that Yukiko’s Shadow was behind the door (hopefully we’ll get to deal with her properly this time), so I spent some time on the seventh floor doing a bit of looking for trouble. Hopefully I’ve set myself up enough to be able to rescue Yukiko tomorrow.

I know that not a lot has been happening lately, but there are some prices you need to pay to keep people from being killed by their subconscious. Plus, if this is anything like before, Yukiko will join us when I save her from her Shadow. I’d like to get some extra help as soon as possible.


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