EIDBT – April 23, 2011 – Nakao the Employed

It seems that Yukiko, having spent more time in the TV World unprotected by a Persona or Teddie’s glasses than the rest of us, is taking some time to recover.  While we wait for her, we have some downtime.  That being said, we probably need to do a bit of training after the hard time we had against Yukiko’s Shadow.

On my way to school today, I overheard some students talking; some part-time jobs were being posted later on in the day. I decided to check it out when I got out of school.

Ms. Sofue was talking about Mesopotamian civilizations during classes today, and asked Yosuke what a common feature of the civilizations were. Yosuke asked me for a hint; she was talking about rivers, so I told him that they were all by a riverside. It was right, of course.

After school, I decided to head over to the shopping district. The jobs that were posted were:
Envelope Constructor – 1000 yen, raises Diligence
Translator – 1000 yen, requires Knowledge, raises Expression
Crane Folder – 0 yen (volunteer position), requires Diligence, raises Understanding greatly
Assistant Day Care Worker – 4000 yen, requires some understanding, available Mon, Fri, Sat after school when it’s not raining
All of the jobs (with the exception of the day care worker job) looked like they were things I could do before I slept each night.
I picked up information for the jobs I thought I’d be able to do at the moment (envelope construction and day care), and headed back to school to see if Yosuke wanted to hang out. Thankfully, he was up for it.

We decided to go to Souzai Daigaku, which turned out to actually be the place that Yosuke wanted to take me to earlier. They had a strange dish, steak croquettes.
“Sticking chunks of steak in croquettes… Man, this really is the country, huh?” Yeah, it really was. It was a strange sensation, but the dish was pretty edible.
“Chie called this stuff ‘tender and juicy’… What kinda teeth does she have…?” I made another mental note then to make sure that if anything serious started to happen with Chie, I would have to make sure to pay close attention if her mouth went near anything valuable. As I was dreading my future, some housewives walked by Yosuke and I. I could hear their conversation; they were making Yosuke out to be the incarnation of the death of the shopping district or something. Yosuke explained to me that he gets a ton of flak because of his parents managing the Junes, and that because he’s so well known around town, he always has to be on his best behviour. That’s certainly not a life I’d like to have. I thought that once he had finished talking, I knew a lot more about him; that’s when the familiar voices started to ring in my head again. I guess I’ve done enough to improve my social link with Yosuke. After eating a lot more food at Souzai Daigaku, Yosuke and I went home.

When I got home, I considered stuffing some envelopes, but I also kind of wanted to start that translation job, so I studied for a while more.

And so here I am; it’s just about time to go to sleep.


24 25 26 27 28 29
Sun Cloud Cloud Rain Rain Rain

Note that the fog will most likely come after the 29th. I’m glad we didn’t drag our heels on this rescue.


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