EIDBT – April 24, 2011

Hey guys, short update today. Not much happened, it was just a lazy Sunday.

Shortly after I woke up this morning, Kou called me to ask if I wanted to hang out with him and Daisuke. I didn’t have anything better to do, so I accepted. We went out for a while, and hung out. We talked about living in the country versus living in a city, and a bit about Junes. As soon as Junes was brought up, Daisuke perked up, and immediately offered up the fact that he loves Junes, and thinks that Yosuke is hilarious. These guys both seem a little too focused on men and balls… Anyway, I went home after that.

At home, I read The Man’s Life for a bit. After all this semi-homo-erotic tension I feel from Kou and Daisuke, I felt like I could use some masculine reinforcement. After reading it, I felt a little more normal, and a little more courageous.

And then we’re here. There you’ve got it, a nice short, relaxing Sunday. The rain is still a few days away, so I might have a few more relaxing days ahead of me… Though I do want to do a bit more training in the TV World.


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Cloud Cloud Rain Rain Rain Sun

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