EIDBT – April 26, 2011 – Chie, Chie, Chie

So, it’s pretty much decided by now that Chie’s my first priority. I actually had a lot of fun with her today.

During class today, I helped Chie with a question; a perfect number is a natural number that is the sum of its divisors (not including itself). Once again, I learned something important about giving subtle hints, and Chie certainly appreciated me for it.

Over lunch, I invited Chie with me to the roof to eat my ginger pork. Of course, Chie absolutely loved it. Nakao doesn’t do anything wrong when it comes to picking up the ladies. It also gave me a good chance to get to know her a little better.

After school, I did a bit of work to fuse some Personas, then headed up to the school roof. I had a feeling that I’d meet Chie there, and sure enough, that’s where I found her. It seems like my pork really made a lasting impression on her. I asked her if she wanted to hang out, and she suggested that we take a trip to the Samegawa riverbed. I wasn’t quite sure where she was going with that, but I agreed to go with her.

Turns out she wanted to invite me along to do some training. It made sense, really. Chie is a physical fighter – she kicks – so it’s fairly easy for her to train, not like the rest of us who need to rely on weapons.
Chie spent some time telling me about her experience with her shadow. She told me that she was ashamed of what her shadow said, and that she wanted to focus on getting stronger to make up for that. I suppose it’s a good thing that she trusts me with that information. It’s certainly a good sign. We ended up the training by doing… leap frogs. I suppose it’s leg related, but I have a feeling that Chie just wanted to get some sort of a moment happening between us.

When I came back from training, I decided that I should spend some time reading my book, “A Great Man”. My talk with Chie today has got me thinking a lot about what I should be doing to protect everyone… It’s cheesy, but whatever. I at least felt a lot more courageous after reading a few chapters.

And with that, I’m going to go to sleep. I think a good follow-up to today would be to spend some time in the TV World tomorrow. We need to get stronger.


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