EIDBT – April 28, 2011 – Waiting on a Sunny Day

Some good news cropped up today; Yukiko is almost recovered.  She’ll be back in a couple of days.  In the meantime, I have to deal with this rain.

This morning, Chie talked to me on the way to school. It seems like Yukiko will be better in a few days, like I mentioned before. I thanked her for all her help; Chie seemed a little embarrassed at that… she realized that she wasn’t a lot of help against Yukiko’s Shadow, my flattery sure hit home regardless.

After work, I decided to head over to the shopping district to fuse Personas. While I was there, I saw the gas station attendant again. I talked to her for a bit, but she didn’t bring up the part-time job once. I mean, I didn’t want to insist too much, but damn, she really did hint at giving me a job. Damn. Anyway, I fused some Personas so that I had a good representation of my current social links in my mind.

After my little visit to the shopping district, I headed back to school to go to band practice. Playing my trumpet really helped me get better at expressing myself. During practice, Ayane was having a bit of trouble. I talked to her about it afterward.
“You must be tired, Senpai. You have such a great tone! I guess you weren`t kidding when you said you`d played before.” I had to agree with her. I was doing fairly well on trumpet, but I didn’t remember being this good. Maybe my ability to switch around Personas has let me unlock a hidden artistic ability I didn’t know about. “Oh, sorry, I know that doesn’t mean much coming from someone like me. I was sticking out again today… I wish I had as much talent as you.” Considering the fact that I was able to play simply by switching around mythical beings within my own mind, I decided to tell her that it was the effort that mattered. “Y-You’re right! Just because I’m talentless doesn’t mean I should give up!” Ayane seemed really pumped up at this. “Oh, but… We have another tombone player here. Takeru-senpai. He’s really good, so he always gets picked for the performances. That’s why I’ve never gone to one. But it doesn’t matter, I can’t play in front of an audience anyway. I’m sorry… I shouldn’t bother you with all this. I better get this place picked up so I can go home.” I offered to help her again. “Thank you so much.. I’m sorry, you really shouldn’t have to do this…” The voices in my head told me that I had done enough to advance the social link I had with Ayane. Maybe I should go to band practice more often. We finished cleaning up, then I went home. It was a bit of an exhausting day, so I looked forward to getting home.

After a bit of studying, I’m just about ready to go to sleep. It looks like it’ll be raining tomorrow as well. Anyway, I’ll give you more details tomorrow. Enjoy yourselves.


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Rain Sun Cloud Rain Cloud/Sun Sun

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