EIDBT – April 29, 2011 – I’ve Found the Portal to the Meat Dimension

Today was the last day of a three-day-long rain, and I’m excited for some better weather.  The fog is going to come tonight, and hopefully our efforts have actually paid off.

Today was Showa Day, and also the start of Golden Week, so I had the day off. Because it was raining, and school was closed, I decided to take a walk around the shopping district.

Aiya (the Chinese diner) was having a challenge; it looks like every rainy day, they have a beef bowl challenge. If you can finish an extra large beef bowl, you’ll get some sort of prize. Knowing how amazing I am, I decided to give it a try. Apparently I’m not amazing enough to complete the bowl… It really seems like the bowl is just a portal to the Meat Dimension… It just never stopped! The pure amount of meat in the bowl was staggering. Trying to match that challenge taught me a lot about myself though. I felt that both my knowledge and courage reached new levels as I was recovering. One day, I’ll have the skills to finish that bowl… It’ll take me a while to get there though.

Back at home, I sat down for dinner with Nanako and Dojima. I didn’t eat a whole lot after that beef bowl, but it was nice to sit down with the two of them for a while. Eventually, Nanako got bored of the news, and changed the channel, which pissed off Dojima a bit. Mercifully though, a Junes commercial came on. Once again, Nanako sang along to it. The commercial seemed to remind her that we were getting into Golden Week, and begged Dojima to take us to Junes for Golden Week. He reluctantly agreed, which left Nanako really happy.

It’s a nice way to end the day. We’ve saved Yukiko, Dojima is actually playing the father for once… I don’t want to say anything too quickly, but it looks like things might start quieting down soon. Maybe we’ll be able to look for clues now in peace. I just hope that nothing shows up on the Midnight Channel tonight.


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Sun Cloud Rain Cloud/Sun Sun Sun

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