EIDBT – April 30, 2011 – Yukiko’s Return

Things are looking up right now, but I guess we’re long from being in the clear here in Inaba. The good news is that Yukiko seems entirely safe and healthy again, and she’s even decided to join us! Lord knows that I need someone else to help even out what kinds of damage we can do. It’s a lot of work being a one-man army.

Last night, like I mentioned yesterday, I watched the midnight channel. As it always happens, the screen flickered to life, and sounded as if someone were actively trying to tune the reception. Finally, the image settled on a blank, yet foggy, scene. There was no sign of Yukiko (or anyone else) on the screen, so we were safe for now. I slept, a little more relieved (and even after all this stuff with Yukiko happening, I was still thinking about Chie. She might be a little awkward, but damn if she doesn’t have her good points).

On my way to school this morning, I ran into Yukiko. She went right into an apology.
“I caused everyone some real trouble. I’m sorry… No, ‘sorry’ isn’t quite right… What I mean to say is, thank you. My mother’s back to work already. The maids are being really supportive, and I think things are going even smoother than before. I wonder if I was trying too hard… I may have been too caught up in the idea that I had to do everything myself. Ever since the incident.. I feel like I can think about these things more calmly.” She blushed, no doubt remembering everything that happened in her Castle. “B-But… It’s still kind of embarrassing… You guys saw everything… Even the things I didn’t want to admit…” I assured her that those thoughts were only one part of her. “I’d like to believe that…” Yukiko didn’t agree with me entirely, I guess. As if to break up the awkward silence that had broken out between Yukiko and I, Chie came running by to talk to Yukiko, and they went on ahead of me.

I almost forgot to mention this: I got asked in class today what the tallest mountain in the solar system is. It’s Mount Olympus on Mars, by the way.

After school, we all gathered on the roof to discuss the situation so far. Yukiko and Chie brought some instant ramen up the roof with them, which smelled incredibly good. Yosuke didn’t give them time to start eating, and immediately started talking to Yukiko:
“Yukiko-san, I hate to bring up stuff you’d rather not think about… But I need to ask you again. Did you recall anything about when you got kidnapped?”
“No… I thought I might remember something if I let it sit for a while, but as time passes, it only gets hazier… I think… the doorbell rang at the entrance… and someone called for me… But when I woke up after that, I was already in the castle… I’m sorry.”
“No need to apologize. But does this mean that her visitor is the culprit!?” Chie chimed in. I thought it was pretty obvious that’s what the case was.
“I don’t know… If it’s true, then that’s one daring criminal. What kind of killer would ring the doorbell?” Yosuke had a good point. The criminal would have to have been someone that would have been expected at her door. “The police are probably looking for witnesses… but I don’t think we can expect much from them. Heh, as if the culprit wore bright yellow clothes at the scene of the crime.” There is something to be said for blending in by looking outrageous.
“I wonder why whoever it is would do stuff like this.” Chie wondered.
“We won’t know until we confront ’em ourselves… But we can be sure of one thing. It’s no coincidence that people keep ending up in that place. Someone on our side is definitley kidnapping them and throwing them into the TV. It’s murder, all right… Oh yeah, we never told you. This guy and me are gonna catch the culprit ourselves!” ‘This guy’? bah. Yosuke is going to be begging me for attention when this is all over if I have my way. I’m not ‘this guy’, I’m Nakao fucking Ooma. “The police are out of their league on this case, but we got Personas.” I took this chance to ask Yukiko for her help.
“Huh? Um…” Yukiko hesitated. It’s a tough decision to make to endanger yourself like this…
“I’m helping out too! I can’t believe someone would throw people into a place like that. I’m gonna sock whoever’s doing this!” Though of course Chie volunteered without even thinking much about it. Yukiko eventually committed to joining in. It’s relieving to know that we have four people right now who can fight against the Shadows. Once again, the voices in my head started chiming in, and informed me that I had formed a stronger social link with my investigation team members. Surprise surprise, I guess. You know, maybe one day I should get to a professional to see about these voices… They probably wouldn’t believe me.

We spent a short moment discussing common aspects of the victims of the case. All of them lived in Inaba, were women, and were somehow connected to the first murder. We’ll see how that develops… I’m not sure if it’s necessarily women; these were just the people that were most publicized in connection to the case, is all.

By then, the girls were getting ready to chow down on their meals, but decided to give Yosuke and I a bite. I meant to just take a bite, but Yukiko’s fried tofu was just so good, before I knew it, I was chowing down on the stuff. We both finished the girls’ meals without us realizing it. I’m just glad Yosuke was eating Chie’s noodles, just in case she decided that it’d be a good reason to kick someone in the nuts again. So to make up for it, we had to treat them to fillet mignon. We weren’t broke, thanks in part to running through Yukiko’s mind, but it was still a pain.

Of course, the best we could do was Junes again. While we ate, we discussed the case a bit further and made some small talk. As we were talking, Adachi happened to pass by. We happened to hear him commenting on how exciting the countryside was now. He seems to view these murders in a similar light as I did originally. He’s a cop though, so I would think that he should be much more disturbed by them than he is… Anyway, he noticed us, and did more stupid blabbering. This time, he tried to draw a connection between Saki and the other victim. He was pretty much just saying random shit, so I just ignored him. Eventually, he caught himself talking too much, and ran off to leave us alone. When he left, the four of us decided to hop into the TV World quickly to formally introduce Yukiko to Teddie.

Teddie got right to giving Yukiko a pair of glasses. I have to give it to Teddie, the glasses both look great on the girls. Chie ended up knocking Teddie over at some remark he made, and he dropped a pair of glasses. Yukiko picked it up, and wore them. She… found them pretty amusing, even more so when they were on Chie. I don’t get it. Yukiko went into a laughing fit over those glasses. It confused me, really. She must just have a really screwed up sense of humour.

When I got home, I had dinner with Nanako and Dojima. Dojima mentioned that he’d be able to get the 4th and 5th off. In spite of our plans to go to Junes, Dojima convinced Nanako that we’d take a proper vacation this time around. I somehow got roped into making lunch for everyone. Maybe it’s because I’m the only one who can actually cook in this family?

Anyway, I’m both dreading and looking forward to this vacation. I’ll just have to see what the next few days bring. I suppose that for the moment, I should just enjoy the break before the next abduction comes up.


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