EIDBT – May 2, 2011 – So Much for Golden Week

I think teachers get some sort of sick pleasure out of having midterms so close to Golden Week…  The holidays would be so much more fun if I didn’t have to worry about them.

Last night, I had another one of my strange dreams. Chie and I were wrestling while wearing luchador masks. I felt a lot closer to her after I woke up. I really have been thinking about her a lot lately… That’s not be getting to like her romantically, that’s just me getting focused, is all.

In the morning, I ran into Yukiko on the way to school. We didn’t have much to talk about, so we just made some small talk. Thankfully, Morooka was right there for me during classes with another inspiring lecture about how much we all suck. He always knows how to perk us up.

Because midterms are coming up next week, I talked to Chie today about studying together. We spent some time after school studying together, and it seemed to work really well. I think I’m going to be in good shape for midterms… And, for that matter, getting with Chie.

After dinner, I was having some downtime with Nanako when Dojima called. Guess what happened? Yes, that’s right, Dojima cancelled our plans. I don’t even want to dwell on it that much… I bet that Dojima is going to be confused if Nanako doesn’t turn out to be a good adult… Stupid fucker.

I did some translating tonight, which did a lot to help my expression.

I’m about to go to sleep now. Well, now I won’t have much fun next week to report… It’s gonna be slow for the next little while… It’s a nice break from all of the confusing, dangerous shit that’s been happening, but… Well, I dunno.


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