EIDBT – May 3rd, 2011 – Big… Bro…?

As much as I’m going after Chie, she really should learn to keep her mouth shut every once in a while.

This morning, Chie happened to come by and asked us to come and hang out for the day. Us, in this case, to be Nanako and I. As much as it might have been strange to invite a kid to party with high-schoolers, I figured she could use the pick-me-up after Dojima cancelled on her. I invited her along, and we all went out to Junes.

Yosuke and Yukiko had joined us. Yosuke seemed bummed out that this wasn’t more like a double date,
“Why’d you bring poor Nanako-chan to a place like this on Golden Week?”
“Where else is there to go?” Chie asked, pretty honestly.
“I love Junes!”
“Nanako-chan…!” Yosuke almost seemed touched by this.
“But we were supposed to go on a real trip somewhere. We were going to make boxed lunches…” That is, until someone’s father had to play “Bad Father” again; he’s getting really good at it too.
“Wow, you can make boxed lunches, Nanako-chan?” Yosuke asked. Nanako shook her head and looked to me. Um, great.
“Oh, so you’re the family cook? Pretty impressive, ‘big bro’!” I chuckled a little at Chie’s chiding.
“Big… bro.” …Wait. Nanako didn’t seem to reject that as fast or at all as I thought she would.
“Whoa, you can cook? Well, you do seem to be great with your hands–Um, never mind.” Come on Nanako, be distracted by Yosuke’s stupid comments…
“I’m a pretty good cook too, you know… Probably. If you’d asked, I would’ve whipped up some boxed lunches as easy as pie. Yeah…” Chie seemed fairly desperate to find common ground between us. I just hoped it would be enough to take the idea out of Nanako’s head.
“Uhh, lemme think about–No.” Oh Yosuke, always the straight man, never the man.
“What makes you think I can’t cook!? Let’s have a cook-off and see for ourselves!”
“My my, doth the lady protest too much? And hey, I never said I cooked. But I have this weird feeling… Like I’d win anyway.” I dunno, Chie doesn’t seem to be the type to cook, but she IS a woman…
“Ahahaha, I can understand that.” Yukiko finally piped up.
“What the–Yukiko!?”
“Here, Nanako-chan can be our judge.” Yosuke began, “I bet we’ll make something that ranks up there with your mom’s cooking, Nanako-chan!” … Sigh. The day was going so well. Remind me to rub his headphones with itching powder later.
“I don’t have a mom. She died in an accident.”
“Hey, Yosuke…” Chie was a little late on the Yosuke sigh train, but the more people we can get on it, the better.
“I-I see… Um… Sorry, I didn’t know…”
“It’s okay… Even if I don’t have a mom, I have Dad with me. …And no I have a brother, too. And I’m having a lot of fun today! I love Junes!” Crap. Crap. She said that I’m her brother. I’m not her brother, I’m just living with her for a year. That doesn’t make us siblings! She’s too young to understand that! To make up for it, Yosuke offered to go get Nanako something to drink. Before I knew it, everyone had gotten up to go and treat Nanako to something, leaving me sitting there wondering if my life could get any more complicated. As if to answer that, Nanako popped back in to ask if I wanted anything for myself. It was faint, but I thought I could feel the begging of–wait, yes, Nanako and I formed a Social Link together. I never knew Justice was so small and bad at cooking dinner.

We all left a little happier, and Nanako and I made small talk on the way back home.

Oh, by the way, guess what I just spent the last two hours doing? Constructing envelopes. You wanna know how fun that is? IT’S NOT. I swear, I’ve stopped for about a half hour so far, but my hands are still twitching in the same motion. This better be worth it.


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