EIDBT – May 4, 2011 – Yosuke the Genius

I know I find myself going back and forth between Chie and Yosuke, wondering who among them is the stupidest of the two…  But there are times when even I don’t believe how stupid they can be.

I woke up this morning to find myself moving my hands as if I were folding envelopes. It was such a menial task, I guess my muscles just got used to the motion. It builds character though… right?

Yosuke called me today, and invited me to go hang out with him and some other people. He also asked me to invite Nanako along (maybe he’s just feeling really bad about the whole thing with her mom yesterday). Anyway, having nothing better to do, I agreed. Thankfully, Nanako didn’t mind it either.

We met up with Yosuke at Junes, of all places. He had brought Kou and Daisuke along with him, and they accompanied us as we walked through the store.

After a short while, I had a dreadful sensation in my gut, which was incredibly justified when we stopped in front of “our” TV. I mean, I know Yosuke is stupid, but I didn’t know he was stupid enough to be hanging out around a collection of portals to another world which one of us might conceivably pass through by accident while hanging out with some fellow high-schoolers and a six year old who’s slowly getting it in her head that I’m her big brother. Now, it wasn’t ALL his fault; Nanako had suggested that we go to Junes in the first place (big surprise). When Yosuke brought this up to the other guys, Kou’s face lit up:
“Who could blame her? This place has everything… It’s like a storehouse of magic.” I think that everyone, including Nanako, paused to take that statement in. … And then we all decided to ignore it.
To try and save face, Kou told Nanako that she was cute. She didn’t seem to know how to react to it, and hid behind me while blushing. She did try and tell Kou that she wasn’t cute, however (which makes her that much cuter). Thankfully, it was Daisuke to the rescue! He reassured Nanako that she wasn’t cute at all, which did even less to compliment Nanako than Kou’s remark.
“Are you stupid or something?”
Yosuke asked. I didn’t think it was that, and just responded with “That’s the Daisuke I know.” We all had a little laugh at that.

Nanako broke off from the group for a bit and began to stare at the TVs along the wall.
“B-Big bro, that TV’s huge.” Daisuke agreed:
“I feel like if I watched sports on a TV like this, I’d get sucked into the screen.” I gave the collar of my shirt a nervous tug.
“C-C’mon… Like that could happen.” Hopefully Yosuke realized how stupid it was to bring us by the TVs at this point.

Anyway, for the rest of the day, we just hung out, idly walking around the store. Kou tried on a bra at one point, which honestly didn’t surprise me. At all. I’m really wondering about those two…

When I got home, I decided that I should beat it into my brain, and folded envelopes… Again. It’s getting hard to type with all this work my fingers are doing… Maybe I’ll put it off for a while again. At least I’m getting paid for it.


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