EIDBT – May 5, 2011 – F-Fox?

So, um, today I made a new friend. … One who might decide to kill me later, but hey.

I woke up today, having nothing to do for Children’s Day. I decided to do something different today for a change of pace, and headed over to Yasoinaba Station. I figured that since I only got a passing look at it when I came to town, I might have missed out on something interesting. Looks like I was wrong. It’s just a boring train station.

Not wanting to totally give up, I also headed toward the Shopping District Shrine. I figured that since I’m being protected by mythical figures and deities, I might as well pay my respects. The place was pretty run down and empty. After standing around for another few minutes, I had written off the shrine as another boring place in Inaba, and turned around to go home… Except I had the strangest feeling that I was being watched.
I turned around to see a fox. A fox wearing a bib with a heart pattern on it. Standing on the roof of the shrine. It was staring at me intently. I was ready to leave pretty quickly. I was able to cut me off though with a pretty impressive leap from the roof. Now, at this point I was pretty much ready to hand Yosuke over to the wolf had he been with me at the time, so you can imagine it came as a shock to me when it gently nudged an ema plaque into my hands.
I… didn’t know what else to do, so I read it. It was a simple wish for someone’s grandpa’s legs to get better. It also seemed like a leaf was stuck to the back of the ema. Luckily for me, I ran into an old shrine caretaker who seemed like the guy the ema was talking about. He noticed me clutching the leaf in my hands, and explained that it was some ancient painkiller remedy. I gave him the leaf, and he just… slapped it on his leg. No preparation or anything, just apply directly to leg, I guess. It really seemed to work, and he left a large donation before running out to find his grandson.
So… As far as I can figure, the fox wants me to help the shrine flourish. It also looks like he has a pretty large stockpile of those healing leaves, too. … I can’t help but think how strange the situation was; a fox in a bib was showing me a pile of leaves and yipping at me. Nevertheless, I felt that the fox appreciated me and–well, by now you should know what that meant. The fox and I formed a social link based on the Hermit Arcana. So from what I can understand, the fox is willing to give me some of those leaves, as long as I pay for them. How a fox understands business I don’t know. Anyway, I went home very confused.

At home, Nanako and I were watching the news when Dojima came back. He was bitching about a rookie calling in sick, I guess as an excuse for having to cancel on Nanako and I. I seriously doubt that he’s needed SO MUCH that he has to cancel a planned vacation just because one rookie calls in sick. Whatever, it’s already done. Anyway, I noticed he was carrying a Junes bag with him. I would have thought that if he were going to Junes, he’d have come to get Nanako as well. He took a moment to apologize to Nanako for missing the vacation; she didn’t seem to mind so much, because my friends and I entertained her for the past few days. So, Dojima explained that to make up for missing a vacation, he went out shopping for us. He got Nanako a graphic t-shirt with a platypus on the front. A t-shirt to make up for a vacation. Great parenting skills, Dojima. Because he didn’t want to leave me out, he got me something as well. It was a bathing suit. I took a long moment to wonder if he was trying to tell me something by giving me those before I thanked him.

After finishing dinner, I went back to my room. Guess what I did? You know, they say that hard work pays off later, but folding envelopes isn’t paying off fast enough. I suppose though that’s why I took the job, so I could train myself to be a little more patient.

Well, that’s all from me today. Stay tuned for next week when I befriend a toaster.


~ by buncythefrog on December 30, 2010.

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