EIDBT – May 6, 2011 – Insects and Apples

You learn something new every day.  For example, did you know that Dojima thinks that platypuses are funny?  No wait, that was yesterday.

So, on the way to school today, Yosuke ran into me on his bicycle. He complained about it having issues, even though he had just recently fixed it. I wondered if it was before or after he had crashed it twice in as many days, but didn’t ask him. He also took a moment to apologize for his thing with Nanako and her mom. Well, I appreciated it, but I’m not really the person he should have been apologizing to. Yosuke fidgeted a bit, and asked me a question about Chie and Yukiko. Maybe he doesn’t quite realize just yet that they’re both going to be falling head over heels for me in the near future. I’ll let him figure that out on his own.

Yosuke then started talking about getting a motorcycle. … Wait. The first two times I saw him, he crashed his bike twice. I REALLY don’t want to be around Yosuke on a rainy day if he has a motorcycle. Seriously, I’m taking the long route to school on those days. I fretted for my life the entire way to school.

During lunch, both Chie and Yosuke asked me if I wanted to do something after school. Guess who I picked, bitches! Sorry Yosuke, but you’re dangerous. I’m going to stick with the… Wait, Chie’s dangerous as well. Ignoring my justifications, I hung out with Chie after school.

Before we left, the group gathered in the class to discuss the case.
“Ugh… Why do the holidays have to end so fast…?” Chie was right, Golden Week didn’t seem that long for me.
“At least they were peaceful. I listened in on the housewives gossiping at Junes, but it doesn’t seem like anything happened. And I haven’t heard anything about someone disappearing suddenly, either… Y’think Yukiko could’ve been the last of the victims?” I doubted it, really. Yosuke was ignoring the fact that we hadn’t even come close to catching the culprit yet.
“We shouldn’t relax as long as the culprit remains at large.” I guess Yukiko had more of a personal stake in all this than the rest of us, being a victim herself. We can’t ignore this, but we also can’t really do much right now. We were all kind of at a loss for what to do next. To change the subject, Chie brought up the topic of midterms, and suggested that Yosuke get Yukikko to tutor her. Yosuke thought it was a great idea and asked Yukiko for some private lessons. Yukiko took this as an advance (how she thought this was him coming on to her while people actually asking her out went over her head I’ll never know), and slapped him. After getting all flustered, she left, leaving me sitting with an injured Yosuke and a defensive Chie arguing back and forth. Gah. I let them finish their argument, and then went up to the roof to meet with Chie.

We went to our usual training grounds, the floodplains, to train.
“All right! Today’s the day!” Chie was pumped up as usual.
Nanako walked by and noticed us training.
“Oh, Nanako-chan!”
“What are you doing?”
“Hm? Training, of course!”
“Training… Who are you fighting with, Chie?”
“Hmmm… Myself… I guess…? …Heheh, just kidding!” Technically true. She didn’t fight her Shadow, Yosuke and I did.
“Wow, cool!”
“Y-You think…? Hahaha…”
“…Oh, a grasshopper!” Nanako turned to follow it, and Chie got a little nervous.
“Huh!? N-No way! Wh-Where!?”
“It just landed on your back.” Chie started really freaking out, trying to swat it off her back.
“Ahhhhhh! Get it off! Get it off me!” Nanako gingerly plucked it off her back.
“… You don’t like grasshoppers?”
“I’m no good with anything with thin, jointed legs! Or anything creepy or squirmy! Ack, now I can’t get ’em out of my mind! I can’t stand those things!”
“But they’re cute…”
“… You’re like Yukiko.” She turned to me. “Oh, see, ’cause Yukiko’s fine around bugs. But me, I totally lose it… Kinda funny, huh?” I told her that I thought it was very feminine.
“That’s not it! It’s not…” She looked happy at that.
“A lot of kids in my class don’t like bugs. It’s not just you. Don’t worry!” Chie really warmed up at this
“Nanako-chan… Ooh, you don’t know how happy that makes me. Thanks!” Chie, you realize that Nanako’s putting you on the same level as six-year-olds, right?
“C’mon, you wanna train too?”
“Let’s start with form. I’ll teach you a kata…” Nanako trained with us for a while, and I eventually sent her off before it got dark.
“I’m gonna get over my fear of bugs. I don’t wanna look like a sissy next to Nanako-chan!” At least you’re trying to overcome your status as a six-year-old, Chie.
“All I have to do is think of them as Shadows! Then I’ll be able to grab a whole fistful! …… I-I just gave myself goosebumps… G-Getting used to bugs might take a while, but I won’t lose to Shadows!”
I felt Chie’s determination at this. I got to know her a lot better today, and –yeah, the voices in my head confirmed it. Chie told me that she was pumped up enough now that she’d try and help me out if I’m able to knock a Shadow over in battle. (Follow-up attacks can be very useful, but I’ll save you the details of Chie’s follow-up attack for later, because it’s awesome)

When I got home, Nanako welcomed me back cheerfully. I was feeling a little adventurous today, so I decided to talk to Dojima for a while.
“We haven’t had time to talk like this since you got here, huh? ……” He seemed to be lost looking for a discussion topic. “Uhhh… Well, how’s school?” “It’s fun” “I see… That’s good to hear. Your school days will be over before you know it. Make sure you have fun while you can.” Is trekking through a TV World fighting Shadows fun? I didn’t really want to ask him that. “What else…? Oh, yeah… How about your friends? …… Looks like you’ve made plenty of ’em.” I’ve only got like three friends so far, five if you count Kou and Daisuke. That’s not a ton. He’s really having a hard time with this. “I’m not saying who you can and can’t hang out with, but… You know what I’m talking about, right?” Right. I’ll only associate with people who have faced their inner demons. I agree. “Huh. So you did notice… For some reason, wherever there’s an incident, there you are… I wish I didn’t have to consider this, but… the killings all began around the time you came to town.” Dojima, you’re not going to lock me in a room and wait for more murders, are you? You don’t obsessively eat candy, do you? You didn’t check my room for apples, right?
“My job is all about eliminating the random element. I look only at the facts. If you keep getting caught up in my job, then…” Nanako walked over at this point. She didn’t look happy.
“…What’s wrong? Big bro didn’t do anything bad.”
“I-I know. I didn’t mean it like that.”
“But you’re bullying him…”
“I’m not bullying him. We were just having a little talk. It’s getting late… Go to sleep.” Nanako slumped off, looking a little annoyed.
“She’s really taking a shine to you. Look… Just don’t get yourself involved in anything dangerous. As long as you’re safe, everything’s fine. Your parents didn’t ask me to raise your grades or anything.” It seems Dojima is worried about me. I think I know what that means. Social Link with Dojima! Hierophant Arcana!

He sent me off to bed too, and I didn’t really feel like doing anything else in my room before sleeping, so I’m just finishing this up, then ending the day.

You know, it does seem strange that these things started happening when I got to town. I mean, I don’t think I’m the cause of all this, but maybe this whole thing is just a part of some bigger plot…? It’s hard to know, really. We can only wait and see.


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