EIDBT – May 7, 2011 – More Studying

There’s not much to report today, folks.  Midterms are coming up next week, so I had a day of studying.

Before school, the usual two girls mentioned that midterms were coming next week. I wasn’t incredibly concerned, but hey, I’ve got to keep up appearances, right?

During class, I answered a question about free morphemes. By the way, ionize isn’t a free morpheme, but ion is.

I talked to Chie after school, and she mentioned that Yukiko was hanging around the first floor. I thought I might as well spend some time talking to her, but she seemed too distracted, so I went back upstairs and asked Chie to study with me some more. We had a productive session, and I thought I got a lot of work done. Then I went home and did more studying.

Hopefully something interesting happens tomorrow, because next week, there’s not going to be a lot else going on… Oh, it’s raining tonight, maybe something will show up on the Midnight Channel…


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Cloud Cloud/Sun Cloud Sun/Cloud Cloud Cloud

~ by buncythefrog on January 1, 2011.

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