EIDBT – May 8, 2011 – Emerald Regrets

I hope you like today’s title. I was all fancy with it.  I didn’t have the BEST day today, but maybe I can recover from it with a bit of decency.

So this morning, Chie called me up and asked if I wanted to hang out. Of course I was up for it (when wouldn’t I be?), so we met on the floodplains to train. After a while, Chie called it quits, and we started getting ready to go. Out of nowhere, this guy comes up and starts talking with Chie (what is it with people interrupting these things?). I was pretty put off by the guy, mostly because he referred to her as just “Chie” – I know that when I write these posts, I just use everyone’s first name without any honorifics, but I properly address people in person. This guy just walked up to her and started talking to her as if they were the closest of friends. That got me pretty pissed. (Note: In Japanese, it’s common and polite to affix an “honorific” onto someone’s name as a sign of respect or relation. For example, most people address Nanako as “Nanako-chan”, Yukiko as “Yukiko-san” and so on. It’s only really common to not use honorifics with people you’re very close to; otherwise it can be seen as offensive. This isn’t really explained in the game at all; it’s just another thing about Japanese culture you’re expected to know when you play through it.)

He introduced himself as Kouno Takeshi. He talked to Chie for a while about how she was the leader of various gangs throughout her education, including one called the “Vanguards of the Lunch Revolution.” I got a huge kick out of that, not that I made a reaction that Chie could notice. He mentioned that he was “with Chie” until middle school. By now I was pretty convinced that this guy was a past boyfriend, and was getting ready to fight him off if it came to it. Before I had to do anything though, he asked Chie if Yukiko was still single (and hot). Chie told him that she was still single, and the guy left. I was really confused at that, because I certainly wouldn’t ask something like that unless I wanted to make the girl jealous… In any case, Chie seemed pretty sad to see him leave. I tried to cheer her up a bit by telling her a joke and doing an impression of Takeshi. Thankfully, it got her laughing.
“I-I’m sorry, he really is rude, isn’t he? Seriously… he was always staring at Yukiko… H-Hey, don’t get me wrong. he’s nothing but and old classmate to me! We’re just friends, y’know? We used to get that a lot, though.” She seemed kinda sad about that. So, an unrequited love… I really hope that this guy doesn’t show up much more, because despite her assuring me that that stuff’s in the past, she obviously still feels something. I tried to think of ways around this while we talked on the way back home.

When I got back, Nanako greeted me with a cheery “Welcome home, Big Bro!” … Ah crap. It’s stuck, hasn’t it?

I quickly excused myself upstairs and read a bit more of “A Great Man.” It seems that if I’m going to confront Chie’s past, I need to be a rock for her. Deep down, all tomboys just want love, right?

Anyway, midterms are starting tomorrow. I’ll probably be pretty occupied with those, so I don’t think I’ll post again until Thursday. So I guess enjoy the few days off.


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