EIDBT – May 12, 2011 – One thing to another

Well, midterms are finally over. I got a little used to not having to write this thing, so hopefully I don’t miss a beat.

When midterms were finally over, we all breathed a collective sigh of relief.
“Whewwwww! What a load off I bet every student feels like this after exams are over!” In spite of Yosuke being glad to have finished the exams, he (along with Chie) got increasingly worried as Yukiko and I went over our answers. I’m still not sure if I find Chie’s ignorance endearing or not. It won’t stop me from hitting that at least once though.

As we were talking, I also overhead a student say something about another film crew being in town.
“They’re probably just doing more stuff about that hanging corpse case.”
“No, it’s not that. You know the highway nearby? They’re gonna cover the biker gangs that hang around there. A friend of mine goes to the biker meetings sometimes. I heard it from him.”
“Dude, what’re you doing hanging out with a guy in a biker gang?”

I actually had no idea that there were biker gangs around this area; in spite of the murders, I still think of this place as a sleepy old excitement graveyard. Yukiko seemed confused about this as well,
“Biker gang?”
“Oh yeah… They raise a ruckus from time to time. I guess your place is too far away to hear ’em.” Chie replied.
“We live right by the road. The noise can drive you insane.” I wondered briefly why Yosuke’s family didn’t just get a place further away from the road, seeing as he recently moved here too.
“I hear some guys at this school are part of it, too.” I would have expected Chie, being the delinquent that she apparently is, to know more about this stuff.
“Yeah, I know there are some rumors about a first-year student here who’s a total hellraiser. One of the guys working at Junes said the dude’s been a legend ever since middle school. Although… Was he in a biker gang…?” A first year who has that kind of reputation? Interesting.
“D-Did you say he was a legend?” Yukiko seemed like she was about to drift into a storybook land at the mention of the word.
“Uh, it’s not what you think, Yukiko…” I would agree with Chie and say that he’s probably more legendary in the sense that Chie would be, but after seeing Yukiko’s dungeon, I’m not sure that would have helped any.

After we stopped talking about the biker gangs, I walked around the school for a bit. I ran into a student in my class who seemed really timid. She asked me to retrieve an angel statue for her so she could sleep in exchange for a chest key. Now personally, I’m trying to keep skeptical about the whole religion thing, even in light of… recent developments… but I can respect someone needing it for comfort. I agreed, wondering if I could look in a place she hadn’t or couldn’t for one.

In the meantime, I decided to go find Chie again so we could train. She was up for it, but I think that midterms had distracted her too much; we pretty much just trained, then walked home together.

I came home a little frustrated. I wanted to get a way to get Chie’s mind back on track. Luckily, Nanako had gone shopping this morning. She really should do it more often, because food seems to be a pretty good way into Chie’s heart. I had ingredients to make beef stew, so that’s exactly what I did. I simmered it expertly with a drop lid, which turned out to make some great stew. I thought that there was just a little too much meat in it though, so I prepared some of it into some bait for later.

I suppose you’ll want to know how midterms went as well, right? Well, they were as boring and time consuming as I thought they would be, but thankfully they were boring; I already knew most of the questions that were asked on the exams, so I’m confident in my results. I’ll be sure to let you all know how I did when I get the grades back.

I have a sneaking suspicion that something will be happening soon. Rain on the horizon, talk of biker gangs in the area… It can’t be good.


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Cloud Rain Rain/Cloud Cloud Sun/Cloud Sun

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