EIDBT – May 13, 2011 – “Get Bent” is not a catchphrase

Things are looking a little better (and maybe a little worse?)  today.  It’s kinda hard to really sum it up well, so just read on.

First off, some good news. Remember how I had cooked beef stew yesterday? Well, I found Chie at lunch and offered to share it with her. Needless to say… It worked well.
“It’s delicious! I’ve never eaten anything that tastes this good before! I want more, but… I don’t wanna finish it all! What a dilemma…! Umm… Did you make this for me?” She blushed at this. Yesssss, maybe we’re past that whole old crush thing. I can only hope. “Th-Thank you…”

After school, I wandered around school a bit more. I ran into a girl on the first floor. I didn’t recognize her, so she was probably a first year.
“Now that exams are over, I feel like a weight has been lifted. These are the days that give way to temptation! Just say to that special someone, ‘Hey, tests are over, wanna go have some fun?’ It’s cheesy, but it’ll totally work! It’s like turning the mundane into the magical! Besides, if there’s more love in the world, everyone wins!” She had a good point, especially considering how Chie probably wants a break from having to think about her exam results. I think I’ll keep it in mind.
After I was done wandering around the school, I left the grounds to go to the shopping district, where I picked up a copy of “Off Today”, a book in the Timid Teacher series. I’m still in the middle of my other book, but there’s no harm in queuing them up. I also stopped by the blacksmith to give him some materials. I picked up a Charm Robe for Yukiko. From handing it and inspecting it, I thought that it would increase the user’s magic; therefore, our magic user was the best fit.

As I was wandering around, I remembered that I could work at the day-care today. I figured that I had accepted the job, so I might as well go try it out. So I hopped on the bus and headed over to the day care.
There’s not much to say about the day; the kids were as annoying as I expected, and one kid’s stepmother was late in picking him up. There’s not much I can say about her parenting skills, I think. Another one of the supervisors told me that she had moved from the city to be here, and the kid wasn’t taking her being there very well. Happens every day, I guess. I collected my 4000 yen, and hopped on a bus back home.

That night, the three of us were watching TV.
“Young men recklessly riding their motorcycles, disturbing the peace of a quiet rural town…” The announcer seemed to miss the whole strain of serial murders which has gotten people talking and scared ever since I got here… “Our special report took a turn for the violent when one of the apparent leaders attacked the camera crew!”
“The hell are you punks doing here!?” The kid had white hair, and was wearing a skull shirt. His face was blurred out, but he looked recognizable enough for that to not matter. He was also wearing one of my school’s uniforms… Could he be that legendary first-year I heard about yesterday? The report caught Dojima’s attention.
“That voice…”
“This ain’t a show! Get bent!” …I haven’t heard someone use that expression in years.
“Still up to the same old tricks…?”
“Do you know him, Dad?”
“Mmm, well, I know him through work. His name’s Kanji Tatsumi… He’s quite a handful. He’s been crushing biker gangs in the area since middle school.” Oh, so he’s a vigilante? What is he, Bend-Man? Is “Gent Bent” his battle cry? “But I thought he got into a high school and started attending class…”
“Man, that blur sure is pointless. It’s completely obvious who it is. The guy’s family runs a historic textile shop. I think what happened was, he crushed the local bikers all by himself because the noise kept his mother up at night. It’s a nice gesture, but he’s way too violent… At this rate, his mother’ll have to apologize again.” That was quite a detailed and succinct summary, Dojima. Too bad I don’t really care about that.
“Oh, the weather report’s showing on the bottom. It’s going to rain tomorrow.” Nanako noted that she wanted to hang the laundry up inside tomorrow. On the other hand, I was wondering if anything would start appearing on the midnight channel. I’m at a loss if anything will actually show up though; there’s been nothing new recently connecting someone to the case, beyond maybe the police officers. Come to think of it, why wouldn’t the police be killed sooner, rather than the daughter of the owner of the inn that the reporter was staying in? That seems like a weak connection compared to the detectives who directly dealt with the murder itself…

In any case, there won’t be a midnight channel ‘broadcast’ tonight, so I’m just going to sleep. I’ll talk to you all tomorrow.


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Rain Rain/Cloud Cloud Sun/Cloud Sun Sun

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