EIDBT – May 16, 2011 – Who said “steak?!”

Well, we didn’t get very far today in our investigation, but we’ve got a poorly thought-out plan for tomorrow.  You know, for all of the time people call me “leader,” it seems that I’m only really the leader when we’re crawling through the TV World.  The rest of the time, the group pretty much just does what they want.

Anyway, if it wasn’t obvious enough before, it should have been last night. Kanji was on the Midnight Channel. What I saw of him reminded me a lot of his interview, but then again, that’s the only time I had seen him before today. When the broadcast ended, I got a call from Yosuke, asking if I had seen the broadcast. I decided that it was time to actually throw him a bone, and suggested that the person kind of looked like Kanji. Thankfully, Yosuke agreed. He mentioned that he had remembered Kanji’s interview:
“He’s one scary dude. He was even yelling at the camera to ‘Get Bent!'” Ooohhh nooooo Yosuke. Next we know he’ll be standing on an old person’s lawn!

Before he hung up, Yosuke couldn’t help but ask me if I liked Chie or Yukiko more, or at least if they were my type. Of course, they’re both going to be dating me in the end, so I just said that I couldn’t choose between them. Yosuke seemed to like that answer. Finally, the idiot hung up, and I went to sleep.

The next day at school, we were all discussing the most recent developments.
“Kanji Tatsumi, huh? He definitely didn’t look like the social type.” Yosuke offered.
“Now there’s an understatement. Isn’t he really scary? Did you see the news special the other day?” Chie replied
“You mean the special on biker gangs? I watched it too. He wasn’t like that when he was younger, though…” Yukiko surprised me. Well, I suppose Dojima did say something about a textile store…
“You know him, Yukiko?” Chie obviously doesn’t know everything about Yukiko, which could be a good thing in the future.
“Uh-huh, but we haven’t talked to each other in a long time. His family runs a textile shop, and we’ve been a customer of theirs for many years. So I speak with Kanji-kun’s mother from time to time. Oh, why don’t we go there now? We might be able to talk to him in person.” I agreed, but I didn’t think that Yukiko really realized how much bodily harm we could get into from just talking with this guy.
“Sounds good. At the very least, we can ask if anything strange has come up lately. I wouldn’t want to run into him in a dark alley, but I’m pretty sure he won’t fly off the handle in his family’s store.” Chie made a good point, but I wondered what the odds of us actually confronting him in his family’s store would be.
“Alright, then let’s get going.” Yosuke rallied, and we were off to the shopping district.

When we got there, there was no sign of Kanji. Some dude was talking to the owner, so Yukiko got her attention, and we waited. The guy was pretty thin and small for a guy, and his voice was pretty weak too. I’d never seen him around, so I wondered if he was just someone I didn’t see often. He wasn’t wearing my school uniform, at least…
Once their conversation was done, he left us alone with the owner. Yukiko and I went up to start talking to her, while Chie and Yosuke looked around the store. As we were talking, Yosuke said something:
“Hey, this scarf… I’ve seen this somewhere before…” Chie, knowing anything about scarves? Must not have been for a fashion reason.
“Hm? Huh, you’re right. Where was that…?” I expected Yosuke to have an encyclopedic knowledge of fashion magazines. Shame, Yosuke.
“Oh! It was that place! Inside the TV!” Wait, did Chie just… In front of the owner…?
“That’s right! That room with those faceless posters… Then… It’s that announcer’s…” Yosuke… She’s right… Whaaattt?

You know, I rip on Chie and Yosuke for being stupid as shit sometimes, but even I don’t believe that they could be stupid enough to talk about this openly in front of someone else. Sigh, I bet they’ve told their parents already.

Anyway, the owner played dumb at least. She told us that Yamano had ordered two scarves for a matching set, but only picked up the women’s. The rest of the group started fretting and saying “we have our connection to the murder!” Which is bullshit. Come on, killing someone because they sold someone else a scarf? No freakin’ way. Anyway, the owner got a delivery, so we let ourselves out.

As we left, I cursed our luck. Kanji and the wussy were standing outside the shop, talking. We panicked, and hid. Baaadly. Thankfully, we were able to eavesdrop on their conversation though.
“T-Tomorrow’s fine with me… Huh? S-School? ‘Course I’m going to school…” Kanji really didn’t seem comfortable with this.
“Then I’ll meet you at the gates after school tomorrow.” The scrawny kid seemed unfazed though. He left Kanji alone and confused.
“D-Did he say he was interested…? He’s a guy… and I’m a guy… But… he’s interested in me…?” Kanji was deep in thought. Unfortunately, it wasn’t deep enough. “Huh? What the hell are you pricks looking at!?” He chased us away, but thankfully he didn’t beat us senseless as well.

When we caught our breaths, we all started talking on this recent development. It’s clear to me that we have the motive and pattern all wrong. I doubt they’re random, but there’s probably not as much of a connection as we thought… Unless they’re all a part of a secret society or something I don’t know about. In any case, we’ll just have to watch for a while longer to see if we can tune into a clue.
While we were wondering about this all, Chie had a bright idea: why don’t we just ask him ourselves? Not smart. Instead, we decided to have a stakeout at Kanji’s home to follow him and see if we can find any clues. Chie seemed really excited at the prospect of a stakeout… Maybe because it contains the world “steak.” Also, hilariously enough, Yosuke calls Chie at night to tell her dirty jokes. That’s pretty cool in my book.

Anyway, I’ve decided to go to sleep a bit early tonight to prepare for tomorrow’s stakeout. Hopefully I’m alive tomorrow to make a post.


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