EIDBT – May 18, 2011 – Bad, Bad What?

Oh man, today has been a crazy day. Unfortunately, our suspicious were confirmed, in more ways than one.

So you know that last night, I was freaking out because Kanji was missing and it was raining. Turns out I wasn’t concerned about nothing. As I watched the Midnight Channel, an image that was unmistakably Kanji appeared on the screen. But that wasn’t all… It looked like he was naked. The Kanji on TV hoisted a mic, and started to speak:
“Hel-LO, dear viewers… It’s time for ‘Bad, Bad Bathhouse!’ Tonight, I’ll introduce a superb site for those searching for sublime love that surpasses the separation of the sexes!” It really didn’t help that he was talking with a lisp. Thankfully (?) the shot panned out to reveal him at least wearing a towel. “I’m your host, Kanji Tatsumi, serving you this scandalously special sneak-in report! Goodness gracious, just imagine the things that might happen to me there! Oooh! Well then, let’s get this show on the road! Tootaloo!” He turned and stalked into the bathhouse. So… There’s that. Don’t get me wrong, dudes can like dudes… But this was a little extreme.

I got a call from Yosuke. I don’t really know why he called me, because he was pretty much speechless. Finally, he pieced together
“But that was completely over the top!” To be fair, so was Yukiko’s, but I didn’t hear him complaining back when she was talking about her lacy unmentionables. He also didn’t seem to pick up on the fact that Kanji explicitly said that it was a bathhouse, because he spent some time trying to figure out what the location was. Nevertheless, we all had to talk tomorrow.

After school, we started getting in a conversation about this whole situation. Yukiko started being existential:
“I wonder what the Midnight Channel really is…”
“At first, I thought it was one of those ‘paranormal’ things, but when I gave it a try… It was real. Turns out it’s actually connected to another world…” Chie, once again, repeats what we already know. She does have a real talent for it.
“If there’s a rumour going around, that means a bunch of people are watching it.” Not really. I remember lots of rumours about my old school being haunted, but almost no one came at night to test the stories out.
“How did the rumour go…? If you stare into a turned-off TV on a rainy night…” I guess Yukiko wasn’t paying as much attention to this whole thing as Chie or Yosuke were.
“No one in their right mind would try something that ridiculous, don’tcha think? Unless someone urged them to. But if you actually try, it does work. And not just once.” Why were we having this conversation? We already all knew this. “If this rumour spread and everyone starts watching the Midnight Channel…”
“It could cause a huge panic…” Yukiko concluded. Eventually, it came to be obvious that the killer was probably watching the Midnight Channel too. This really got them riled up, especially Chie.
“Guys! First, we save Kanji! Then, we crush the killer! Finally, we crush the killer and send him to hell!! Got it!?” Ummm, sure okay Chie just don’t kill me. Nevertheless, we all felt a new level of resolve. I sighed a bit as I slipped into my usual trance to be serenaded by the Social Link chorus. As I blinked my way out of it, I noticed that Yukiko was laughing.
“Chie, those last two were the same!”
“Ugh, I know…”

The next logical step was to get into the TV World and talk to Teddie. Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve been inside the TV to do any combat… I hope we’re not rusty when we start to infiltrate the bathhouse. Teddie seemed anxious and deep in thought… As a result, he couldn’t smell Kanji’s location. He did seem to think though that if we could find out some details about Kanji, he’d be able to locate him. I started to open my mouth when everyone else began declaring that they knew jack squat. I was too shocked by their stupidity to even say anything before we all left again.

Fine. I decided to play along. First things first, I went to go see his mother. She mentioned something about the wimpy kid that Kanji was on a date with yesterday, so I started to scour the city for clues about him.

As I was walking through the school, Ms. Sofue stopped me. She explained that she needed materials for a new dousing rod, and asked if I could help. I didn’t see why not, so I agreed. I need to look for a suspicious pole somehow. I don’t really know what would qualify a pole as suspicious or not, but I expect that I’ll get it when I see it. Or something. For that matter, why does Ms. Sofue need a pole to make a rod? …This is all sounding too sexual right now, so I’m going to just move on.

Finally, I found someone in Junes who knew who I was talking about. She said that he came by almost every day to talk to people about the “incidents.” I can only assume she means the murders, which is kind of strange. Anyway, she suggested to look around Junes tomorrow. Well, there’s a lead at least.

I decided to go catch a basketball practice, so on my way back, I swung by the shrine. Fox was there, as expected, and he handed me an ema. There was fairly simple, yet flowery writing, which I suspected was written by a young girl. It said “I want things to go well with the person I like!” Fine Fox, I’ll get right on that.

During basketball practice, I was able to keep my mind off of this stuff for a while, which was really welcome. I also felt a lot better about my diligence by coming to practice.
Afterward, I started talking to Kou again.
“Man, I’m hungry… Hey Nakao, Aiya or Junes? You decide.” Tough decision. Was it him or Daisuke who loves Junes? Probably him. “Ah, you mean the one on the roof? It’s good once in a while. Nice and cheap. The okonomi set is pretty tasty, too.” He seemed pumped up about it. As we were about to start cleaning, Daisuke ran over to join us.
“Hey Kou, hurry up.”
“The soccer team’s done already? You guys are fast, man. Don’t you have cleaning up to do?”
“Yeah, but I don’t have to do that stuff.” Daisuke seemed pretty proud about this. It made me feel a little pissy. Daisuke mentioned that a girl at the practice wanted to give Kou some candy. I told him I was jealous, but he didn’t seem to appreciate the jab a ton. Looks like the reason was just that girls were calling him “Kou-chan,” and he hates his name. I didn’t really know what to say at that, so I just stayed quiet. Finally, he decided that he needed to get them anyway, and offered to get me some as well. I didn’t really want to turn down free candy, especially if it was from a girl, so I accepted.
After Kou came back, we all went to dinner, then finally came back home.

Phew. A lot has happened today, but it’s not even over yet. I’m writing this quickly before I head downstairs again; it seems like Nanako might want to hang out with me today. Dojima has been gone for the past few days, so it might make her feel better to hang out with me for a while.

… Shut up, she’s cute.


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