EIDBT – May 19, 2011 – Thank you, I already knew that

So I just spent two days tracking down an effeminate scrawny guy just so that he could tell me something I already knew.  Hopefully though it’ll be enough to convince Teddie and the rest of the gang to go looking for the bathhouse Kanji is in.

So last night, all I ended up doing was playing around with Nanako. We talked and did a bit of video gaming, but I guess that wasn’t enough for my crazy head voices to bestow more power on me. I went to sleep a little unsatisfied.

The next morning, Yosuke caught up with me on the way to school. He was saying some crap about being slow… I wasn’t too concerned with his state of mental health, so I just ignored him. When we got to school, the test results had been posted. Unsurprisingly, I got in the top then. But that’s just me, Nakao the genius, I guess. At least having good scored seemed to make people like me more.

After school, my first job was to go find this prissy little dude who eluded me yesterday. I found him in the Junes lobby, and started to talk to him.
“… Is there something you need? Many people from the town come and meet here. It’s a very convenient location, isn’t it…?” I asked him about Kanji. “……? You’re asking if anything seemed strange when I spoke to Kanji-kun, yes…? Hmm. Very well. It seems to be an urgent matter, so I’ll simply tell you. If you’re asking about recent events, then yes, there was something out of the ordinary. It was something I felt when I was with him… So I told him outright that he seemed to be an odd person. After I said that, his expression changed all of a sudden… I was quite surprised. Oh that basis, I believe his actions were somewhat forced and unnatural, throughout the time I was with him. He may have some sort of complex… Though I have no proof of this.”
dude, you just took a paragraph to say something that you can pretty much sum up in a few words: dude is afraid he’s gay, or can’t fully accept that yet. Nevertheless, I thought that was enough information to go on a wild chase.

I really didn’t feel like particularly doing anything after school as far as hopping into TVs went, so I just went to band practice. Ayane wasn’t playing, which was kind of strange. Afterward, she talked to the conductor briefly about having booked locations. The guy seemed to be more concerned with what songs we were expected to play (‘we’ not including me, because they had made these plans beforehand, from what the prick told me) than the fact that this high school student is doing so much work for them.
After practice, I stuck around again to talk to Ayane. She commented that she really needed to stay late today and practice, so I offered to help. She refused as always, of course. I didn’t take the first no as an answer though and drilled it into that easily manipulated little head of hers that she really did not want to just be the club’s gopher. Hopefully she’ll gain some courage soon to stand up and be an actual part of the club.

Speaking of courage, I finished A Man’s Life tonight. Man, that was a good read. Whenever I read it, I always felt like I could lift a building. I’d have to compromise and try to lift up my work table. That was fine, except for the time I lost balance and hit my head on the wall. Ouch.

So… I don’t know, maybe we’ll go to the TV World tomorrow… maybe not. It’s Friday, so I don’t really feel like doing anything too active.


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