EIDBT – May 21, 2011 – Adventures in the steamy bathhouse

Well, this is certainly interesting.  I actually took a trip into the TV World today to save Kanji…  Read on for more details.

So guess what, today I learned that we actually get Tanaka’s shopping show here, which is a real surprise to me. Maybe I’ll be able to get some nice stuff for my room tomorrow.

Because I thought that it was really time to get into the TV, I decided to gather everyone at the Junes food court. I was about to start talking to everyone when I felt that something was wrong. I looked to my side… And Fox was there. WHAT THE FUCK?!?! Fox had followed me to the food court. Thankfully, it looked like he had avoided any trouble on the way there… I tried to explain this whole thing to them, but they were confused, understandably so, to be fair. Eventually, Yukiko asked me what I thought we should do about the fox.

Hell, we run through a world inside a TV with help from an empty bear mascot suit… Why wouldn’t we add an intelligent fox into the mix?

So anyway, we jumped into the TV to go finally start saving Kanji. When we arrived, I talked to Teddie and told him what we knew. He didn’t think it was a whole lot to work with, but he was able to lead us to Kanji’s bathhouse with that information.

The entrance to the bathhouse was incredibly hot and muggy. It was like the entire place was a sauna.
“Is it just me… or does the fog here seem kinda different?” Chie asked. Well, it was because it was steam and fog, but I guess I can understand how she’d miss that.
“My glasses are fogging up,” Yukiko said. Yosuke wiped his forehead and started to speak.
“Man, it’s hot in here. This place is like a–“
“Come’ere, Pussy cat…” A voice started speaking. Kanji’s voice. “Oh… Such well-defined pecs… There’s no need to be scared…”
“W-Wait a sec! I-I don’t wanna go!” Yosuke got really nervous all of a sudden.
“Is Kanji-kun really here, Teddie?” Come on Yukiko, you saw this exact same scene on the midnight channel. It’s safe to assume this is the place.
“The nose Knows!” I made a mental note to deflate Teddie one day.
“We’re… really going in here…? Urgh, I can already feel the sweat rolling down my back…” Yosuke really really looked uncomfortable at this point.
“That’s because it’s so hot…” Chie responded.

I didn’t want to go in just yet, for lack of being prepared, so I went back to the entrance really quickly. Teddie noticed Fox at that point:
“Hey, what is that weird thing with the red apron? “ I explained the situation to Teddie. “Huh? Sensei’s helper? Amazing! Sensei sure knows some neat people! Nice to meet you, Mr. Fox! Let’s both do our best!” I walked over to Fox and patted his head. He seemed happy about that… and gave me a chest key. Seriously now, how do all these people and things have chest keys that open magical chests within a TV World?!?!?!

While I was there, I also did some Persona fusing. I fused I fuse Anzu, Titan, and Sarasvati. Apparently, conditions were right that day to give Sarasvati bonus experience, and the ability “Resist Dizzy.”

After that was done, it was time to hop back into Kanji’s dungeon to start the rescue. Along the way, I picked up Omoikane, Yomotsu-Shikome, Saki Mitama, Archangel, Sylph, Eligor, and Obariyon. Also, in chests, I was able to find a fire suppressor, a crow charm, and a Jingi Fundoshi.

Also… Also guys I have to tell you. Along the way in a battle, Yosuke knocked down an enemy, and Chie wanted to perform a follow-up attack. I didn’t see the harm in it, so I told her to go ahead. She ran up to one of the remaining enemies (which was basically a mass of rocks), and KICKED IT SO HARD THAT THE THING LAUNCHED INTO ORBIT. What the hell Chie, how are you so awesome?

We encountered a few rare Shadows, Wealth Hands. They were really hard to kill and tended to run away a lot, unless I was able to zap it with lightning. Also, there were some Shadows that Teddie called “Bribed Fuzz” — they had these big holes in their torsos with keys in them… Those… weren’t chest keys, I hope.

Eventually, we stumbled upon Kanji’s Shadow.
We eventually find Kanji. Or at least his shadow.
“Oooooh, my my! Thank you for your undivided attention! At last, I’ve penetrated the facility! These images are coming from you life from inside this steamy paradise! But I’ve yet to have any charming encounters. Could this hot fog be the cause? It’s like steam rising from sweat! Mmmm, my body’s tingling from excitement!”
A sign popped up with the title of Kanji’s Shadow’s terrible show. It was the Men’s Only Steamy Rose Bathhouse, from what I remember.
“Crap… This is so wrong in so many ways…” Seriously Yosuke, what’s wrong with being gay?
“Yeah… I remember it being kinda like this on Yukiko’s show, too…” Chie muttered
“N-No… It wasn’t like this…” Guys, you realize that you’re idily chatting while the SHADOW is standing right in front of us, right? As if sensing the hillariousness of this situation, laughs stared to echo around us.
“Those voices again… Wait, are they louder this time?” Chie asked. I didn’t remember a laugh track before…
“These voices… I was wondering whose they could be, since it’s only the victim in here… Is it the people watching outside?” Good point Yosuke… It’s pretty possible that that’s true.
“You mean everybody who’s watching the Midnight Channel? They’re reacting to the ‘show?’ Yikes… If people are watching Kanji-kun now, he’s gonna be a legend in a way he never intended…” Chie, I’m disappointed in you.
“Well, it’s really his Shadow, not him. But normal people won’t know that…” But you’re forgetting that Shadows are just slightly more intense versions of the people themselves, Yukiko…
We heard a low murmuring.
“The Shadows are getting really restless!” Teddie warned us.
“That elusive thing I truly yearn for… Will I finally find it here? Teehee! Well then, onward and deeper to reach further realms of romance! Let’s get going, damnit!” Kanji’s Shadow started to stalk away.
Teddie cracked a pun, and mercifully, Yukiko ignored it.

We finally stopped at the seventh floor. I was pretty impressed that we could get that far in one trip… Especially since we were having some troubles to start with. But after all the time we spent in the TV World, I’m exhausted now, so I’m just going to go to sleep.


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