EIDBT – May 22, 2011 – Tanaka and Yukiko

Well, good news.  The rumour about Tanaka’s show actually running here in Inaba was true.  Also, I saw a big leap forward from Yukiko today.  Other than that, it was a lazy Sunday recuperating from yesterday’s romp in the TV World.

So like I said, Tanaka’s Shopping show was on today. I tuned in, and he had two offers (He usually only had one… When did that happen?) for his viewers. One was a pair of Adios shoes, the other was a Medical Kit. I of course picked up the shoes, because I can’t have my Chie being less effective in battle than she could be.

I walked around town for a bit before I came across Yukiko. When she saw me, she asked if I wanted to hang out for a while. I figured that it would probably be a good idea to get to know my teammates a bit better, so I accepted.

We ended up just talking in front of the book store. She told me that she had gotten a book about job licenses, because her career counselor had suggested that she get it. I wondered why she was looking for job information, when she started to explain her reasoning. She told me that inside the TV, her Shadow had said that she didn’t want to inherit the inn, and that she had decided to embrace these feelings (seeing as they were pretty much her own thoughts). Eventually, she worked up the courage to say it out loud:
“I… I refuse to inherit the Amagi Inn!” She seemed very relieved to have finally said it. I felt a little good knowing that she had said that for the first time in front of me.
Apparently she wants to be an interior decorator. I encouraged her to go for it, but in order to get a license, she would need money, and she certainly didn’t want to tell her parents about it. I let her know about my envelope folding job, which seemed to be the perfect opportunity for her. I walked with her to the job posting board before getting on my way back home.

When I got back, I read a few pages of “Off Today,” in the Timid Teacher series. Reading about this stressed and confused teacher really helped me understand a few of my own teachers and some other people I know.

Anyway, that was the day. Tomorrow we’re back to the grind, and maybe Kanji’s rescue.


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