EIDBT – May 23, 2011 – New Homes

Today…  has been different.  I know I spend a lot of my time ragging on Inaba for being a hick place, and that I often sound like I don’t really like it here, especially given what’s been going on these days…  But I don’t really mean all of it.

There’s a time when a person will think of a new place as “home.”  If today wasn’t that day for me, it was at least pretty close.

I ran into Yosuke on the way to school today; he let me know that it didn’t seem like the fog would be coming for a good amount of time. I just kind of shrugged it off and told him that it’d be a sinch. I’m actually feeling pretty confident about our chances… We spent a day getting up to a point that took us a few days in Yukiko’s castle… Maybe we’re just better prepared this time. In any case, I’ve got to buckle down and get this rescue completed soon… As much as Kanji scares the shit out of me at times, I don’t want him… or anyone for that matter… to die because of me doing something, or in this case, not doing something.

In any case, I felt like hanging out with Yosuke after school today. It’d been a while, and I figured we could use some time to get to know each other a bit more. He ended up taking us all the way out to Okina station for a bit of a taste of the city life again, apparently. He commented at one point that he was starting to sound a bit more like Teddie; I told him that he was fine, because he looked a bit harrier. Yosuke seemed to appreciate that. As we were talking, Yosuke got a spam message. I asked him why he didn’t just change his address, but he told me that he didn’t really want to, just in case someone from back home wanted to text him. He admitted to himself though that he didn’t even know if he could consider the people back there to be his friends any more. I could see that Yosuke was having a real struggle with his own identity, and what he considers to be his home. The struggle was not lost on me, let’s be honest. Once again, the voices in my head told me that Yosukue and I had gotten closer (seriously, this whole Persona thing has some strange side-effects…). After we bought a few souvenirs, Yosuke and I headed back.

When I arrived back home, Nanako seemed to be at a loss of things to do, so I decided to sit down with her and chat for a while.
She started to fidget, so I told her to just ask what was on her mind. She wanted to know if I was an only child. I told her that of course I was. This seemed to really cheer her up.
“So you’re just like me,” she remarked. “Oh, but I have you now.” This simple little observation really seemed to maker her happy. … I have to say, it felt pretty awesome to see that. I don’t know if I’ve ever really been appreciated as much as I think Nanako appreciates me by anyone but my parents (though at times that seems to be a low bar). Seeing Nanako smile like that at the thought that I was around… It’s something that I still don’t think I’ve fully taken in.

Guys, home is what you make it. I might not feel like this tomorrow when this high has wore off, but for the moment, this is my home. Nanako… Nanako is…


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