EIDBT – May 25, 2011 – Food Problems

Man, Dojima really needs to start being a father soon.  It’s really frustrating to have to watch this same situation every time it happens.

On the way to school today, I overheard some students talking. Apparently, a job posting asking for a tutor has been put up. I might be interested, but I think they’re looking for someone more understanding of stupid stubborn kids.

I felt like getting to know Yukiko a bit better, so I decided to hang out with her. After finding her on the first floor, we headed out. She wanted to go to Junes to shop for groceries, which I didn’t really see the harm in. As we were moving around the store, I asked her if she was making dinner for the inn. She seemed really pleased that I would ask, but insisted that it wasn’t good enough to serve to the guests just yet. I’m pretty sure she was just being modest, but I’m not about to push it.
Instead, she told me that she wanted to get better at cooking to prepare herself for when she moved out. That’s understandable really, you don’t want to be going out for dinner every day of the week. She offered to let me taste test some of her food, and I didn’t see why I shouldn’t.
It looks like Yukiko really wants to change the nature of her life; she spent so long depending on others, and now she wants others to depend on her. I could get that. As always, the voices in my head told me that Yukiko and I were closer. We finished up shopping, and I walked her home. I don’t know why she was getting lobster as a first attempt at cooking, but hey, I’m not stopping her.

When I got home, I decided that it would be a good chance to spend some time with Nanako. I wanted to hang out with her, but she was too busy pacing back and forth waiting for Dojima to return. Mercifully, the phone rang; it was Dojima saying that he was about to leave. Nanako was incredibly happy, and went to prepare dinner. When she opened the fridge, she made a distressed little noise. Apparently we were out of pickled radish, and Nanako was sure that Dojima would be disappointed. I didn’t see the problem there; all we had to do was to go out and get more. I let Nanako know this, and thankfully, it helped to calm her down. For the second time today, mysterious voices in my head told me that Nanako was a bit closer to her “Big Bro.” We made a quick trip to Junes and got the radish.
When we came back, Dojima was already home. As soon as he saw Nanako, he blew his fucking top. The asshole didn’t even wait for Nanako to defend herself. I wanted to get the attention off of her, so I apologized to Dojima for taking Nanako out. That only led to her defending me, calling Dojima stupid, and running off. Of course, instead of actually being concerned with the fact that his daughter ran off on the verge of tears, he called after her trying to scold her for calling him stupid. What an idiotic…
Once she had left, I took the opportunity to actually explain to Dojima what happened. I saw that he felt like an ass, but his pride wouldn’t let him concede the issue. Instead, he started scolding me as well. I didn’t want to get into a fistfight with the guy, so I just left to my room.

This guy really needs to clean up his act soon, or he’s going to lose his daughter when she’s given the first opportunity to leave.


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