EIDBT – May 26, 2011

Hey everyone.  It’s getting close to midnight and I’m still typing away, so I just wanted to get this up before the day is over so that I can edit things in once it’s up.  Tune back in in half an hour, fourty-five minutes, tops, and I should have today’s stuff done.

Edit: okay, there’s the post done.  Read on!

During class today, Ms Sofue ambushed Yosuke with a question: what writing style did the Egyptians use? Well, Hieroglyphics were carvings, so when he asked me for help, I told him to try “sacred carvings,” which was right. I could tell that Yosuke appreciated the help, and I felt better at expressing myself as a result.

After class, I headed up to the rooftop in hopes of finding Chie there. Thankfully, I was rewarded, and after a fulfilling workout session, we went to Aiya to get some food.
“Mmmm… The meat and rice just flow through my veins…” I had to admit, it did look delicious.
“I can’t recommend the Steak Bowl enough! Their sauce is to die for!” She was really happy talking about this dish. Let me emphasize that; Chie LOVED talking about this dish. However, after a while, she started to look a little contemplative.
“I need to work hard and pump myself up, or else I can’t pull us out of a jam, right? Especially Yukiko… I need to be able to protect her… I hope she’s not straining herself. Makes you worry, huh?” Chie is doing so much for Yukiko without almost any regard for herself… I told her that I worried about her straining herself more than I do about Yukiko as a result of that.
“Huh? Me? B-But I’m fine! I mean, I’ve been training and everything!” Nevertheless, she seemed embarrassed by it. She even blushed again.
“I’ll make myself stronger! For Yukiko, too! So keep it up, Leader! Me and Yosuke act like that all the time… But we’re all counting on you… Heheh…” Once again, the mysterious voices and blah blah blah. We ordered some more food, talked for a while more, and headed back home. Damnit, one of these days, I need to get her back into my room… Once that happens, it happens, you know what I mean?

Anyway, to cool myself off a bit tonight, I just did some translation work. Nothing huge.

I can tell that you’re thinking “was that really enough to justify having to post later on?
…What? I was lazy tonight.


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