Movember Aftermath – Shaving Party

Okay, so for those of you who don’t know, I participated in Movember. Because I know that I’m really not good at growing facial hair very fast, I decided that I’d have to do a bit more work to make it a success. Knowing that many of my friends like to see me looking like an ass, I decided that I’d set a donation goal (this time, $100), and for every dollar I got above that goal, I’d wear the moustache for another day. So over the course of November, I grew and nurtured this damned pathetic thing until it became more or less acceptable. However, I had raised $150 in the process… And there was no way I was going to only wear the moustache for one and a half more months. Therefore, I started to grow a goatee. It was looking respectable, but all good things must end. There were jokes about having a Shaving Party for me, which I never too too seriously. But it happened. Oi.

After spending a nice long day at work, working overtime, I swung over to Fed Hall at the University to catch a concert being put on by some friends of mine largely on behalf of a group they started called Red Path (They’re a largely left-leaning activist group).  Here’s the best link I can find for the event and the group.

After I left (which was very early in the show), I went to go pick up the Ctrl-A group over at the SLC.  Now, apparently, there were a lot of people who wanted to see me shave, or just wanted to continue hanging out somewhere and my house was convenient…

Anyway, when we got in, after planting a plant given to me by a co-worker of mine (Kate, the plant is safely housed in a sorbet tub, though I need more $0.50 soil for it!), I got to shaving.

Here’s what I looked like before the magic started:

Me before the razor. Also: the most facial hair that has ever been on my face at once, I think.

Now, my plan was to record all of this on my netbook using its webcam, but sadly, it seems that when I asked the program to film in a higher resolution, it took that to mean “oh, okay, so just only take a frame very two seconds?  Got it!”  So I don’t have a set of progression photos just yet.  I expect that MapleRose or wartjr to be giving me some photos soon that I can use – in the meantime, Robo’s got a blog post up about this all already (which I will link to at the bottom of this post) which is a video of the process, and captures it all pretty well.

I went from a goatee, to a goatee with vertical stripes (to match my shirts), to a Charlie Chaplin with a soul patch, to a Charlie Chaplin, to nothing.  I can at least show you the nothing, it looks like this:

I can also rock the no-hair look

After I was done shaving, it was time to kick everyone ou–Oh, they all stuck around for a while longer and played games as I was making snacks for tomorrow.  I’m going to watch a movie with co-workers after work tomorrow, and I’m making appetizers to much on during the show.  I’m not so much excited for the movie as I am the chance to hang out with this group of friends outside of work.  I don’t want to leave them as just “work friends!”  Plus, I love having good excuses to make food.

Anyway, here are some assorted pics from the night:

From right: wartjr, MapleRose, Robo, Jeremy. Not seen: kaitou-al because she was off to the side

Jeremy building a stupidly unstable tower (this is true whenever he plays Tumble) and Mellie, being too Harry Potter to sit with everyone else


A picture of Robo taking a picture of MapleRose taking a picture of wartjr

The gang getting all excited about Tummble.


You know, for a game about stacking objects on top of each other, Tumble can be pretty fun.  At least it’s good to keep people occupied with.


And there we go.  Hopefully I should have pictures eventually.  Robo’s post is here.  Now we can get back to endlessly posting about Persona 4, shall we?  Maybe by the end of all this, I’ll have the perfect place to advertise to Persona 4 fans about stuff.


~ by buncythefrog on January 20, 2011.

3 Responses to “Movember Aftermath – Shaving Party”

  1. Hahha, I like your censor faces ^^

  2. […] dear friend, BuncyTheFrog, raised money and kept his beard on until yesterday, January 19th.  Here’s a documentary of […]

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