EIDBT – May 27, 2011

There not a whole lot to report today, folks. I did meet someone new though… Kind of.

After school today, I decided to go work at the daycare. As usual, the kids were all over the place and tugging me in every direction. It was tiring as normal, but I think I’m getting a little more used to it.
On my way home, I saw one of the kids’ parents sitting around in the floodplain. It was Yuuta’s mom, specifically. I approached her to see what the issue was. I spent a short time talking to her. For six months, it’s been her and Yuuta alone together most of the time. Worse than that, she’s Yuuta’s step-mother, which is probably the reason he doesn’t like her very much. She really seems to be having issues adjusting to the countryside… Something I can relate to, obviously. As we were getting to know each other a bit more, I felt a familiar tingling in the back of my head. Dear Diary, I established the Temerance social link today with Minami Eri.

When I got home, I just hung out wit Nanako for a while. We played some games, and she even made me sing the Junes song… again. Shut up. She’s cute.


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