EIDBT – May 28, 2011

Well, the next time we jump into the TV, we should be facing Kanji’s Shadow. Fun, right?

I decided today to finally go exploring in the TV World. I took a walk around town first to get some supplies. While I was making my way around, I saw Namatame, the guy involved in the affair that started this whole thing. He seemed really… disturbed. I think the whole thing did a number on him mentally.

Anyway, we hopped into the TV, and emerged just in time to encounter Kanji’s Shadow. He was standing with a big burly shadow; one of the wrestling Shadows we’ve encountered before.
“Welcome to the Man’s World! This place is heating up from the sudden entry of a fine young man! To celebrate this encounter, I’ve prepared a special stage tonight! A single match with no time limit! Who will be left standing in the end? Now, pour out your hot blood and guts!”
With that, we were thrown into battle. The thing was tough; it had the ability to reflect physical attacks, and had a very powerful combination of moves that could kill one of us in one shot. The trick was to keep attacking with everyone but Yukiko, who was healing, with Yosuke playing the occasional debuffing role. It was tough, but we were able to scrape by and get up to the 11th floor, where Teddie seemed to think Kanji was. So we headed back.

It was pretty exhausting, but we were able to do a lot today. I’m going to turn in early tonight so I can recuperate a bit.


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Cloud Cloud Cloud Cloud Cloud/Rain Rain

~ by buncythefrog on January 22, 2011.

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