EIDBT – May 31, 2011 – Who needs Kanji to break up gangs?

Seriously, who needs him when you’ve got Chie?  I would bet you here and now that given the chance, she would break up every street gang in Japan using only her feet.

As you could probably guess, we had a run-in with that gang that the police officer mentioned yesterday. We went out to train, and came to Aiya for some dinner when we overheard the punks trying to shake down someone. We of course rushed to the scene, only to see Takeshi (Chie’s old friend) as the victim. As soon as he noticed us, he hid behind Chie. One of the punks, probably the leader, spoke up:
“Whaddaya runnin’ for? Gonna hide behind a girl, huh?” Heh, if he has a death wish, it’s his thing, but that is NOT something you say to Chie. To her credit, she played it cool, and hardly acknowledged him. Instead, she turned to Takeshi.
“Are you all right?”
“I-I’m fine… Y-You’ve always been good at stuff like this! Th-They took all my money. You’re gonan get them for me, right!?” Takeshi replied. It kinda ticked me off; sounded like he was just using her because he knew she’d defend him.
“Well, it does tick me off!! Hey, cowards! Ganging up on one guy… You oughtta be ashamed!” As Chie was talking, Takeshi took the opportunity to run off and escape. What a god damned coward.
“C’mon, what’s the matter? Let’s throw down!” Chie’s attention was back on the gang.
“Huh? What’s with this bitch? Y’think you’re all that? I ain’t afraid to hit a girl… We’ll kick your ass!” A full-fledged three on one fight could have meant big trouble, so I stepped up to help Chie. The guys got intimidated by our figures I guess (must be our training), and ran off.
“What the heck… Running away when you step in. …… …Why’d you butt in? What, you thought you couldn’t leave it up to me!? I could’ve handled them myself! …Sorry. I charged in by myself… Caused you trouble…” I… Well, it wasn’t any trouble for me to step forward. Why wouldn’t I? I know that Chie could do some serious damage by herself, that doesn’t mean I can’t be concerned for her… right?
“…Thanks. You’re right, huh? I gotta remember I’m not alone… It’s always like that. Everyone’s doing their best… Then I start to worry that it’s all up to me… And I’ve gotta work harder… I worry that someday, I’ll end up causing even more trouble, like I did today… Haha… I’m so stupid.”
I could sense Chie’s passion. She puts so much on herself for the sake of others… It’s admirable. Of course, the disembodied voices in my head were there to tell me that our relationship had intensified, like I needed some sort of prompt for it. Jeez it gets annoying.
One she had calmed down, Chie thanked me. She also tried to start telling me something, but she began getting nervous, and instead tried to happen like it was nothing. I think we all know what it is. Oh yeah.

After walking Chie home, I came home myself. Nanako had stocked the fridge with food, so I decided that now was also the perfect time to make Chie lunch. I had enough for grilled beef, which is just pefect… I ran out of salt partway through though. Soy sauce made a good substitute. It turned out really well, and it smells really good.

Anyway, there’s my day. With any luck, Chie and I will make things a little more… official… soon. There’s still a few more days until it starts raining… We’ll see if there’s anything new when the fog sets in. I really hope there isn’t.


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~ by buncythefrog on January 25, 2011.

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