EIDBT – June 1, 2011 – Food and… not… food…

I’ll tell you something…  I never expected to be better at cooking than one of my female friends.  Turns out that expectation was wrong.  I’m not happy about it.

So as I said yesterday, I made grilled beef to give to Chie today at lunch. As always, it was a big hit with her. I’m glad; every little bit helps, and the way to Chie’s heart really seems to be her stomach (or kung-fu, but I don’t know enough of that). This girl is going to be wrapped around my pinky finger soon.

After school, I decided to spend some time with Yukiko. She brought me out to the floodplains, and offered me a boxed lunch. I was really excited about it… until I was holding it, and the smell invaded my nose. I asked her if she had tasted it before… In the most innocent way possible, she said that she hadn’t, and that she wanted me to be the first one to taste it. I… uh… tasted the food she had given me.
As much as I tried to look like I was enjoying it, Yukiko saw through my act. I tried to comfort her by telling her that there was always next time, which relieved her a bit. As we were both absorbing what just happened, Nanako noticed us, and walked over. When she realized that I was tasting something that Yukiko had made, she instantly asked to taste some. Thankfully, Yukiko stopped her and told her that it wasn’t good. After telling Yukiko that she would have some of the first good meal, Nanako left to go to a friends’ house. Yukiko seemed awkward for a moment.
“Um… I’m sorry to drag you around…” I told her that I was having fun, which was only slightly a lie. She did like that though. As always, voices echoed in my head for a moment before I regained focus. We talked for a little while longer, and we went out own ways.

When I got home, the Steel Panier I ordered from Tanaka’s show came in! Really, these slimming foods are just going to keep piling up, aren’t they? I took a moment to talk to Dojima, and he gave me 20 000 yen as a treat for placing so well on my exam. Nice. He also asked if I wanted to go out shopping to Junes with him and Nanako, which I decided would be a good idea. As you could have expected, Nanako absolutely loved it. I was even able to get Dojima to buy me some medical kits.

And so there you have it. I’m a good cook, and the traditional Japanese bride-to-be sucks at it. I suppose everything isn’t always what it should be, huh?


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