EIDBT – June 6, 2011 – Oooohhhh

You know, it’s a really good thing that Kanji joined us, because we just got a big clue today about the victims’ similarities.

After school today, we all gathered on the school rooftop with Kanji. Kanji was, strangely enough, talking to us pretty politely. Turns out, he was being rude to us before he didn’t realize that we were his senpai (seniors in school, mostly. Sometimes in general education.) I don’t know if that was really true, but I let it slide.
We started to talk to Kanji about the case. Chie asked about the boy Kanji was talking with. Kanji said that the boy was just asking him if anything strange had happened lately… Before he realized it, he’d asked the guy to see him again later on. Chie questioned this.
“Girls are so obnoxious and loud, so I don’t like dealing with ’em. S-So, uh, I started thinking… What if I’m the type who never gets interested in girls…? And I couldn’t accept that, so I kept spinning around and around in my head…” I asked him if he was feeling well now though. He said he was fine, but he continued on. His family’s textile shop got him interested in sewing, but whenever he started to talk to people about it, they’d look at him strangely.
“Girls make fun of me, the people in the neighborhood treat me like I’m some zoo animal, so I was sick of everything. And when I got to my senses… I was running wild. Shit, what’s with me today? I’m going on and on about myself… Forget all that. Man, I must look really lame right now.” I tried to shrug it off by saying he was actually pretty cool.
“Nah, I doubt it… Haha… I’ve never talked about any of this stuff before. Guess I never had anyone to tell it to. I guess I wasn’t really afraid of girls. I was just scared of people in general.”
We went on with the questioning, and learned that Kanji thought that someone had come to the door, but he couldn’t remember it clearly at all. Nevertheless, he offered to help us in our investigation. I welcomed him warmly, and as we all celebrated, I slipped into my normal trance while voices spoke to me.
I regained my senses in time to hear Yukiko suggesting that we take him down to our special headquarters. Chie sighed.
“We’re still calling it that…?”

Downstairs in the cafeteria, we overheard some students talking about Kanji’s appearance on the Midnight Channel. They seemed to be pretty abrasive about it. Kanji… didn’t take it well.
“His name was Kanji Tatsumi. And he wasn’t in a biker gang–he’s the one who beat the shit out of those leathered-up pansies. So who are you dipshits…!?” Understandably, the guys ran.
“I don’t understand it. Sure, they have no idea it’s related to the murders, but still… How can they talk about their schoolmate like that?” Chie was as thoughtful and clueless as ever.
After a while, we started mumbling about how our predictions were still off for the common aspects of the victims. After a moment, Kanji pulled out a sheet of paper that he had taken from some kid snooping around the school asking about the murders. It was a few lists… I decided to read the one titled “TV Programs.” Strangely, it listed the victims’ names and dates. We eventually figured out that these were the dates that these people appeared on TV. Holy shit, I think we figured it out. All the victims appeared on TV a few days before they were kidnapped. With that out of the way, we decided to jump into the TV to introduce Kanji to Teddie.

Understandably, Kanji thought Teddie was cute. He wanted to pet the bear. Teddie refused. I guess because Kanji wasn’t a woman, he didn’t want that. Heh, he has more sense than I thought. Kanji eventually started talking to Yukiko, asking her what it was like “coming out” to us about her–and she slapped him. Hard. I think she misunderstood…
Teddie broke the awkwardness by giving Kanji a pair of glasses. They… they were the damned joke glasses again. Yukiko started laughing up a storm, and Kanji threw the glasses to the ground. He took the second pair of glasses that Teddie had in his hands, which turned out to be another pair of the joke glasses. This time, the glasses were thrown into the endless fog. After he finally actually got his real glasses, we left the TV World.

When I got home, I was a little tired, so I decided to study.

So… Everyone is connected by the fact that they appeared on TV before they were abducted. It doesn’t really make sense for the killer to just target people on TV. It’s kind of a random way to pick victims… Maybe a better pattern will emerge in a bit…


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