EIDBT – June 7, 2011 – Strong Shadows… Peh.

Well, today was fun.  I was able to destroy two powerful Shadows, and was even able to lie to a child.

There’s not a whole lot to talk about as far as the TV World romp went. We beat the strong shadow in Yukiko’s castle, which netted her a powerful fan. We also had to climb through Kanji’s bathhouse, and after a long and drawn out battle with the Shadow there, he got a steel plate. Oh yeah, the guy used a folding chair until we beat the Shadow, now he’s using a steel plate. I really don’t know how he’s sneaking that stuff into the TV World with us.

Also… Here’s the strange thing. Yosuke and Fox showed up in the bathhouse. How they both got there and were holding off shadows was totally beyond me…

When I got home, Nanako asked me why people die. I sighed, and decided to sit down with her for a while to explain life and death.
“I see… This is hard… But I get it! Thank you, big bro!” I asked her if she wanted to know anything else.
“Well, ummm… Oh, there is! What happens to a person… when they die?” As mature as she is, I thought she was a little early to hit with the full truth. I told her that people go to heaven when they die.
“So, it is true. Mommy went to heaven. Oh, yeah, I saw this on the news: ‘Robbery at the post office.’ …… Why do bad people do bad things?” I really didn’t know, so I told her as much.
“I see… You’re not a bad person, so I guess you wouldn’t know. But if there were no bad people, Dad would be home more… Last year, there weren’t many crimes, so Dad was here a lot. He used to pick me up from kindergarten… …… Are bad people more important to Dad than I am?” I wasn’t sure, really. He seems more dedicated to work than his daughter at times. I told her that he’s protecting her safety.
“… I don’t get it. ……” It was obvious that Nanako was in pain, but she was trying to hard to be calm and stoic about it… I felt like I understood her a bit better. Thankfully, the disembodied voices were there to break the silence. When I snapped out of it, Nanako continued.
“… Let’s talk about something else, big bro.” We talked about various things, and I eventually put her to sleep. I’m about to sleep as well… I can’t believe I stayed up this late after all that work going through the TV World today…


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