EIDBT – June 8, 2011 – Awkward…

There are some days when I feel that everything has worked smoothly and that things are going along well. Today wasn’t really one of those days.

Okay, first of all, Mr Kondo was being pretty awkward during class talking about how people were hamming things up; he seriously went on for about two or three minutes about it. Anyway, Yukiko asked me where the term came from, and the only thing I could guess at was that it was related to the Shakespeare play Hamlet. Mr. Kondo confirmed that, saying that while scholars can’t come to a real consensus, it was probably because of how popular Hamlet was, thus attracting a lot of terrible (and awkward) actors. Damn, with all of the times I’ve told you this stuff, you’d think I’m a genius. To be honest, I’m just telling you about the times I actually get a question right. Can’t brag when you suck, after all.

Anyway, after school, I was talking with Chie when Morooka came up to me and declared that I’d be joining the Student Health Committee. Apparently he doesn’t know that I’ve been keeping the town safe from a fog-using murderer, but hey. They needed the help for today, so I decided at least to show up. When I came around, everyone else left to go do an inspection. I guess they only needed someone to babysit the room while they were gone. I’m glad no one came in to get bandaged up, because I have no idea how to use that stuff… But, when they were gone, someone from a pharmaceutical company came by and told me that an order of gauze would have to be delayed by two months… Thankfully, when the rest of them got back, I had written all the info down to tell them. So, you’re wondering where the awkward is, right?
Saki’s brother is a part of the committee. I got a short chance to talk to him, and apparently because he know that I’m Yosuke’s friend, he hates me. I can only imagine how he feels about Yosuke, but having someone out of the blue tell you that they hate you… Strange feeling. It didn’t help that he was just acting like a total jerk… maybe that’s a side effect of the hate though.

Well, it’s also Wednesday, so you know what that means. My armour set came in! I’ll have to remember to see later if it’s actually useful.
As I was unwrapping it, I noticed that Dojima seemed to not really have a lot of things on his hands, so I decided to start talking to him. He’s really clueless about dealing with teens, it seems, but I think I was able to talk up to his level enough that he felt comfortable.
“So… What have you been doing after school?” He started with. Lots of stuff… But, since it’s Dojima…I told him that I was working.
“Oh, really…? You’re pretty responsible for your age.” Responsible for three saved lives… Yes, yes I am. He seemed to be straining. “…Whoops. This is turning into an interrogation, isn’t it? But it’s not as if we have much in common… except for the murders.” Well, there’s a difference in having nothing in common and not knowing anything about each other. I asked him to tell me about himself.
“About me? You’re interested in the strangest things… It’s just what it seems. I’m a simple country detective living with my daughter. There’s nothing about that to interest a high school kid… But you know, it really is good to have you around the house. I didn’t think Nanako would be so happy… Hell, I’m already tired of hearing ‘Big Bro’ this and ‘Big Bro’ that.” YOU’RE getting tired of it? Ugh. “You’re more like a very young brother to me than a son.” Heh, that was stretching it.
“What!? You’re saying you can see the years on my face? What a punk! Treating a regular guy like an old man…!” He laughed pretty cheerfully. “…… I think it’s been a while since I’ve laughed this much.” Dojima actually seemed to be having a good time for once, which was new to me. As I was taking this in, the familiar voices flooded into my head. When they subsided, Dojima told me I should probably go to sleep soon. I was actually feeling pretty tired, so I agreed with him.

And there’s today, folks. I hope that tomorrow is a bit… Smoother? I dunno. Less awkward.


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