EIDBT – June 9, 2011

Well, everyone, today was just another day. Another day of personal conflict and strife, but whatever.

Today at lunch, Yukiko asked me to hang out with her. I didn’t really have anything better to do, so I accepted. She took me out to Junes to do some shopping. She was going over a pretty long list of items, so I asked her what she was actually going out to buy. She told me that she’s going to start seriously pursuing the job license she talked about getting earlier, so she needed some studying supplies. Why she couldn’t just use some of the stuff she already has for school, I don’t know. I just kind of went with it.
As we were talking, three men walked up to us. After a short confrontation with Yukiko, they left. She explained to me that these guys were from a “news of the weird” show that wanted to basically do a scare/scandal piece on the inn in relation to the first murder. Yukiko confessed to me that she had partially wanted the special to me made and aired, in hopes that the inn would get a bad reputation and go out of business. I scolded her for thinking something selfish like that. Thankfully, Yukiko was level-headed enough to acknowledge that, and just used it as motivation to leave the inn of her own free will. As I was admiring her determination, the usual voices in my head told me that I had gotten closer with her. After finishing the snacks we were eating, we both headed out to run down her shopping list. I wished Yukiko luck, and headed home.

Dojima was loafing around reading his paper again, so I decided to sit down with him and chat. That turned out to be a bad idea.
“I heard something at the station the other day… About… Well… I heard you guys hang out at Junes pretty often.” He gave me a pretty suspicious glare. “Nothing wrong with that, of course. The question is… Why do you make so many trips to and from the electronics department?” Thankfully, Nanako came to save me…
“Daaaad…” Dojima started to panic. Thank god.
“Oh, er, this isn’t what you think. I’m not interrogathing him…”
“It’s not fair. You’re always talking with big bro.” Um, that… I’ve talked with Nanako so much more… I suppose jealously isn’t too uncommon for a girl her age.
“What…?” Dojima was obviously getting very uncomfortable.
“I mean… Today, you’re home, but…” Oh, jealousy toward Dojima, not me.
“…I always talk with you.”
“When is always?” Dojima was at a loss. “I… I wanna… talk…” She rubbed her eyes. Nanako was obviously fighting between being upset and being tired. Dojima asked her to go to bed, and promised that next time, he’d play with her.
“‘When is always,’ huh…?” God damn, Dojima is just clueless. I decided to be open with him, and told him that I feel sorry for Nanako. He didn’t seem to take that too well. “Truth is, I mostly left raising her up to my wife… her mother… So… I don’t really know how to approach her. Plus… I’m not fit to be her family…” I didn’t get it, so I told him so. “You’re an honest one. You think just being related by blood makes you ‘family’? …… That’s not the case…”
Well, that at least helped to explain some things. As I was contemplating the real meaning of family, those dastardly voices invaded my head again.
“Oh… sorry. You didn’t need to hear about that.” Dojima seemed eager to shoo me away, so he told me to get to sleep. I didn’t think that I could really get anything else from him today, so I decided to leave him be.

I’m still milling over Dojima’s words though. Blood doesn’t make you family? I mean, I can get the sentiment, but family by any other measure is still second to being directly related… Isn’t it? Though… marriage throws something of a wrench in that… I don’t know. I need more time to think about this.


~ by buncythefrog on February 3, 2011.

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