EIDBT – June 10, 2011 – A love of trash

I got some bad news today.  Probably not as bad as you’re expecting, considering all the insane stuff that seems to happen around me, but still bad.

On my way to school, Chie caught up with me. We talked a bit about the case, and was classically Chie, saying that she’d better stick to kicking things instead of thinking. D’aww, as long as she’s thinking about me, that’s all I need. I’m so close to sealing the deal, here.

Anyway, at lunch we all started talking over our instant noodles. The rainy season is almost here, and with it will probably bring the next victim. I’m okay with that; I think we’re pretty well prepared to take on the next victim’s world if we can’t stop them from being kidnapped. We also started to talk about the school trip. Yosuke and I were pretty excited about it, but apparently, according to Chie and Yukiko, it’s basically just being sent out to a mountain to pick up trash for a day in order to build a love of our hometown. Guh. Thankfully, we’ll at least get to make meals and sleep in tents… Yosuke and I both perked up when Yukiko mentioned that we’d all be in the same group, but as expected, girls in separate tents from guys. However, Yosuke did seem a bit mischievously interested in the fact that we can go swimming. I wonder what he has planned…

Because it was muggy outside today, I just studied for a bit in the library. As usual, the rain helped me concentrate. That mood carried over when I got home, and I just decided to fold envelopes.

So there’s that. I’m looking forward to the week finally being over… The school trip is pretty close too; maybe we’ll be able to salvage something from that.


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