EIDBT – June 13, 2011 – Oh hell yes Chie

Did I not tell you all it would happen soon enough? Well hold on to your seats folks, because it happened. All it took was putting the two of us in mortal danger. Danger turns women on, right?

Well, I suppose i should follow up with the lunch thing. Oh, and before I do that, it’s summer uniform time! Refreshing sights, trust me.
Anyway, I invited Yukiko out to lunch with me. Hopefully she didn’t think I was bragging about being able to cook.
“Oh, it’s really good! Did you make this on your own, Nakao-kun? The flavor is excellent, and the presentation is great, too… Do you want to work as a chef at our place? I’m just kidding… …Though you’d be more than welcome, if you wanted to…” She started to blush as she said that. God damn this girl is getting serious fast. No time for that. She can wait.

Right, I was also given a break during gym class by Mr Kondo because I answered a question:
“What kind of exercise is a sprint classified as?” — It’s Anaerobics.

Right. Are you ready? I am.
After class, I went up to the roof to see Chie as usual. After our regular course of training (seriously, that girl knows far too much about Kung-Fu), we decided to go to Aiya… Well, Chie did, because it was steak bowl day. As we were about to go in, we heard what could only have been the gang again. We rushed in, and Chie immediately got their attention, taking it away from the kid they were surrounding.
“What are you up to!?”
“Huh? Aw, not her again. Heheh, I know how to handle this bitch.” The leader seemed far too confident.
“Huhuhuh! You look like you got something planned!” His bitches… I mean, gang-mates, fed off of his confidence. Meanwhile, the kid just kept crying. The leader let out a little chuckle.
“Hear that, ‘Chie-chan?’ He wants help.” Chie was taken aback at this. I was too. We had never mentioned her name before.
“How do you know my name…?”
“We ran into the guy you saved last time… had a friendly conversation. He told us all kinda stuff. Like where you live, and about that precious ‘Yukiko-san’ of yours.” Chie started to get mad, and I started to wonder how many ways I could injure Takeshi legally.
“…What are you trying to pull!?”
“Oh, I’m just gonna have a little chat with this kid. Stay put, okay? ‘Cause who knows what’ll happen to ‘Yukiko-san’ if you get in our way…?” Okay, now I was starting to get pissed. Personal threats are one thing, threatening loved ones is going too far.
“Huhuhuh! Man, that’s nasty!” God damned punks. They probably don’t even ever do anything but lick the leader’s feet.
“Why, you…!!” Chie was at her breaking point, and I decided that I was pretty close to mine. I decided to fight with her against these punks, and we both took a step forward together.
“Yeah… We can’t get these guys get away!”
“You sure about that? So you don’t care what happens to your best friend?” The leader was still threatening… I figured that with a broken spine, he couldn’t do much to Yukiko.
“Rrrgh… Fine, then hit me!” That gave me pause. That was Chie talking. What? “You’re pissed at me, right!? Then why don’t you just take a swing at me? I won’t fight back. Be my guest! The face, the guy, just pick a target! As hard as you want!” Damn, that girl is tough. She walked right up to his face.
“C’mon!!” Chie was giving the guy a death-glare straight into his eyes. The punk leader pauses. He tried to hold her gaze, but eventually turned away.
“What’s with this bitch… She for real? Whatever man… Let’s go…” Well, at least one of those guys did something at least a little useful. When the punks left, the kid thanked us and ran off in the opposite direction. After we took a moment to collect ourselves, Chie spoke up.
“*sigh* My heart’s still pounding… Was that stupid of me?” I didn’t think it was. She saved the kid, even at the risk of getting seriously hurt. I’ve come to expect that kind of stuff from her, but it’s still worthy of praise.
“…Thanks. It might have been stupid, but I wanted to save them… That kid, Yukiko… I know that feeling wasn’t fake. I really wanted to protect them…” I suppose this is the crux of the issue. Chie’s Shadow wanted to build herself up on the backs of everyone around her, not caring what the consequences were. Chie’s changed since then. She’s grown stronger in more ways than one, and now she’s building herself up by supporting those around her. It’s not a submissive role, it’s not a dominant one. It’s a benevolent one, and one she really takes to heart. She’s really impressed me in these past few months. As I was pondering all this, I noticed that Chie had started to blush.
“Um, well… I also want to protect you… I might be a little flaky… And maybe you don’t even need protecting… But… I… I want to protect you…”
It was now or never. I’ve been building to this point for the past few months. I’ve trained with her, I’ve supported her, I’ve made her lunches. If this didn’t work, it would never work. I asked her if she’d be my girlfriend.
“Huh? Ummm… Okay… You sure? This is me we’re talking about… Th-Then… Awww, th-this is embarrassing!” I couldn’t actually dance at that point, but it sure felt like I was. Damn that girl is cute when she blushes like she was then. I spent a long while with her before walking her home.

I couldn’t really concentrate on anything when I got home, so I just folded some envelopes.

So. My first Inaba girlfriend. Interesting. I knew it’d be Chie from the start, don’t get me wrong. It’s just… It’s strange to be here. Exciting, but strange.

*ahem* and well, yeah. I’ve just gotta seal the deal with Chie and then it’s off to the races with Yukiko, if you know what I mean!


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