EIDBT – June 14, 2011

Nothing too interesting today, except I had a kind of movie moment in the rain.

Well, after school, I decided to go band practice. As usual, things were going along fairly well, and I played my piece easily. After the practice, I stuck around the room to talk with Ayane a bit. She was worried that she needed more practice at the current song we’re playing. I asked her if she could play at home; no go apparently… Her neighbours can hear her playing, it seems.
“It’d be nice to be able to play outside, but I’d embarrass myself if I went alone…” Well, it was an obvious enough set-up. I asked her to follow me outside to practice. “O-Okay! Um, th-thank you very much!”
We went out to the river to play in the rain. It wasn’t nearly as dramatic as it should have been. Anyway, as usual, Ayane wasn’t doing too well. “Oh, I’m sorry… I’m distracting you from your own practice, aren’t I…” I told her to just hang in there.
“Y-You’re right! If I have time to whine, I have time to practice! I really appreciate you practicing with me. I’ll keep trying. S-So, um… thank you for doing this.” As usual, I felt a bit closer to her. When we were finally done practicing, we packed up and walked home.

Today I was feeling kind of lazy, so I hung out with Nanako for a while. She seemed bored with the TV, so I decided to show her a magic trick. She really liked it, and we started to go back and forth showing each other tricks. All told, it was a pretty fun night.

Let’s see… That should be it for today.


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Cloud Sun/Cloud Cloud Cloud/Sun Cloud

~ by buncythefrog on February 8, 2011.

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