EIDBT – June 16, 2011 – I am very scared

I don’t really know what to say. Yukiko and Chie shopped for curry ingredients today.
I… I’ve attached an audio transcript.

Chie: “What do you put in curry again?”
Yukiko: “Carrots, potatoes, onions… mushrooms, green peppers, and… radishes?”
Chie: “Are radishes… the same as turnips?” I’ve already got a bad feeling about this. (At this point, Chie turned to me)
Chie: “Curry’s fine, right? It’s practically our national food.”
Yukiko: “We were going back and forth between ramen and curry, but I thought ramen might not be enough for you guys.”
Chie: “Hmm, I wonder what kind of ingredients Yosuke likes… I get the feeling he’s real picky.” What about what I want, girlfriend?
Yukiko: “He’s on another floor, isn’t he? Do you want me to go ask?”
Chie: “Nah, no need. Plus, he said he needed to get ready for something.” He’s up to something, that’s for sure. I figure that we’ll learn about it tomorrow or Saturday.
Yukiko: “Hey, Chie. You use potato starch for curry, right?” Really? They need to ask? Sense of dread rising…
Chie: “…? O-Of course you do.”
Yukiko: “Otherwise, the sauce wouldn’t thicken. Then we need potato starch and… some flour, too?” I need to remember to bring backup food.
Chie: “Th-There are different kinds of flour… Which should we get? All-purpose? Whole wheat?”
Yukiko: “Hm, whole wheat sounds healthy.” YOU’RE NOT EVEN MAKING AN INFORMED DECISION!!!
Yukiko: “Let’s get that one. And… here they are!” (She picked something up from the display shelf)
Yukiko: “Chili peppers! It’s not curry if it isn’t spicy.” ….
Chie: “Oh well… Let’s just get everything that seems right. How about some kimchi, too? And some ground pepper!” This isn’t curry any more. It’s… I can’t even think what it is but it’s not curry!
Yukiko: “There’s two kinds though. Black and white.”
Chie: “Whoa! Way to go, Yukiko… The Amagi family sure knows their stuff! Let’s get both, just in case.” No… words…
Yukiko: “Oh yeah… We’ll need some special ingredients, too, to spice things up.” It’s not strange enough already?!?! What else can you possibly put in this dish?!?!
Chie: “Hmm, I remember seeing something on TV about that… I think it was… chocholate… coffee… yogurt… How about mint chocolate!? I love that stuff!” THAT WILL MAKE THINGS… OH MY GOD I DON’T WANT TO GO ON THIS TRIP NOW.
Chie: “I don’t like coffee that much, though… Oh, I can drink mocha, so let’s get that.” GSDFFFFFFGDS
Yukiko: “What about some seafood? That should make the sauce taste better.” WHAT? WHAT NO IF YOU MAKE SEAFOOD CURRY MAKE SEAFOOD CURRY DON’T JUST ADD IT IN!!!

I won’t be making a post tomorrow; I’ll be on the trip. Or dead.

Probably dead.
I wonder if I should start writing a will.


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~ by buncythefrog on February 10, 2011.

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