EIDBT – June 18, 2011 – School trip…

So like I said, the school trip happened yesterday and today. It was pretty… interesting… So just read on.

Now to be fair, the actual trash part of the day wasn’t terrible. It was hard work, but pretty much what I expected.

After the cleanup was finished and it was dinner time, Yosuke and I waited for the food. We were both anxious for different reasons, it seems. Yosuke started to get impatient.
“Not that I expect much outta Chie, but Yukiko’s got the full tradition of the Amagi Inn behind her food! You know it’s gonna be out of this world!” I didn’t want to tell him just how much I had dreaded the meal more than the trash. He did have it right though in that he expected it to be out of this world; I expect that between two of them, they’d be able to open some sort of a wormhole through cooking. I ended up telling him that he shouldn’t eat it. Gotta help a brother out occasionally, eh? Of course, he just thought I wanted it all for myself. He’s not too good at reading facial expressions. Finally, the girls brought some servings of their curry over. I decided to let Yosuke have the first bite, so I didn’t even reach for the spoon.
“Uhhh, sorry for the wait. Um… We… put a lot of love into it…” Chie muttered. I wouldn’t be surprised if they were able to do that too. I still have no idea what was in it in the end. I could tell that Chie and Yukiko were both nervous about it; I don’t think they had even tasted it yet. Well, they served it to us, so of course they didn’t taste it.
Yosuke took one bite, and collapsed. Suddenly, he jumped up from the bench with murder in his eyes.
“WHAT THE HELL IS THIS!? I mean, what kinda–“ He broke off to try and get the taste out of his mouth a bit more. “Curry’s supposed to be like ‘really spicy’ or ‘kinda mild’ … This just stinks! And it’s gritty too! It’s somehow both gritty and slimy… And it’s got squishy parts in it… It’s so frickin’ nasty I can’t even swallow it!” …I DID warn him.
“Well, it just didn’t mix too well… But it does offer a wide variety of textures…” Chie, you’re just digging yourself a deeper hole.
“It’s nauseating!”
“C’mon, it’s not THAT bad…!” The girls looked over to me. Yosuke tried to warn me against eating it (at least I know he didn’t want it all to himself at this point…).
I tried to decline, but the stares of your girlfriend and your almost-girlfriend are just too much. I tried a bite… and blacked out. When I came to, Yosuke was still berating the girls for their food. They apologized, but we still had no food.
“This is terrible, we’re the only group without food. I mean, if it was even slightly edible, that’d be one thing… But I’m not taking another bit out of this Mystery Food X.”
Long story short, we went to bed hungry.

As Yosuke and I were hanging out in our tent, talking about manly things, Kanji snuck over into our tent. We hung out for a while, bitched about Morooka, and Yosuke (maybe) ate the penguin animal cracker from Kanji’s box. After all that, Kanji asked if he could stay the night, since everyone else in our tent had called in sick. I didn’t see a problem with it, but Yosuke’s homophobia kicked in, and amidst all the questioning, Kanji got aggravated and ran out of the tent into the girls’ tent. It was a very quiet few minutes as we waited for some sort of sound that signaled Kanji’s demise.

Eventually, Chie and Yukiko came into our tent. I had really hoped that Yosuke would get the hint and give me some space to work my magic, but whatever. Apparently… Kanji ran into their tent… then fainted. Right. They certainly didn’t beat him half to death. It was a very uncomfortable sleep, but Chie and Yukiko spent the night sleeping in our tent. I suspect that it wasn’t just Kanji that made them leave, though.

In the morning, we headed over to the stream. Yosuke wanted the girls to swim with us, but they were hesitant. That’s when Yosuke revealed what he had been planning all along… He had bought them both swimsuits! He pretty much blackmailed them into getting into the swimsuits, too. As we were all changing (the girls went far out of sight first, of course), I started to wonder just how creepy Yosuke was by doing that. I think I ended up agreeing that it was pretty high.

Eventually, they both come over wearing the swimsuits. I have to admit, they both looked amazing in them.
As we were talking about how cute they looked, the girls took the opportunity to push us both into the river.
As if we needed any more punishment, Morooka had started to vomit upstream. The water was freezing, and I didn’t feel like even staying in my shower for a day would make me clean.

Needless to say, I’m going straight to sleep after writing this.


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