EIDBT – June 19, 2011 – Here we go again…

Well, we’ve just got back from being traumatized, but it seems fate doesn’t want to give us a chance to rest. It looks like we’ve got our next victim.

Today is Sunday, so it was of course time to buy something from Tanaka’s shopping show. For some reason, I decided to buy a large fish. It’ll come packed with some ice, but the idea of ordering fish from a TV show is still a little iffy to me.

I spent some time walking around town today, and eventually found Yosuke standing around the entrance to Junes. I decided that today was as good as any other to spend some time with him. We ended up going to the Junes food court to eat.
“Hanging out with you here every so often isn’t that bad.” Apparently “every so often” means once every few weeks to him. “Even if we’re short on cash, we can get a little discount here.” Dude, we’re not short on cash in the slightest. We probably have over fifty thousand Yen right now.
As we were eating, two girls walked up to him. Yosuke really didn’t seem pleased by that, which really threw me off. I learned why soon enough though. Looks like Yosuke is pretty much the complaints department for employees with problems who are too chicken to talk to their managers themselves. I tried to cheer him up by telling him that he’s incredible to be able to deal with all these people so well.
“Geez… Everyone’s just trying to take advantage of me as the Junes kid. Maybe I wouldn’t mind if I was free, but we have the murders to deal with. I don’t have time for this. Can the police really handle the killer? Can the law really convict whoever’s behind this…? Once I started worrying about that stuff, I knew I couldn’t bother with anything else. I have to do what I can…” He seemed on a roll, so I encouraged him on.
“Before I moved here, it was all small talk… Stupid, trivial things. I thought that was fine. It’s only with you guys that I talk seriously like this. I dunno why, but I feel like I don’t have to lie… …Especially with you. You’ve already seen the worst of me and all. But well… Thinking baout it now, if someone had to see that, I’m glad it was you. It’s a bit late now, but… Thanks for going in with me that time.” It’s honest, candid moments like this that–yep, there are those voices.
After spending a bit more time with Yosuke at the food court, we parted ways.

Over dinner, the three of us were watching TV. Apparently one of those idols, Rise Kujikawa, has decided to take a break. Apparently all the fame and having things handed to you for your natural features is too exhausting. Finally, I heard something that really disturbed me. Rise is taking her break in Inaba.

I know our next victim.


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