Starting a New Project, One Block at a Time

I’ve started a new project in my spare time here, and it’s teaching me a lot as I go. I don’t know if I have all the lessons learned yet though.

Some of you may be aware that I’ve started up a Minecraft Let’s Play, entitled Goals For Buncy. More or less, the series is supposed to be me running around trying to do crazy things in the game because people have suggested them. Of course, I didn’t have much of a presence in the MC community to begin with, so things have been going slowly. Add on to that the fact that I’m still learning a lot about video editing, and that makes things rough.

Nevertheless, let me share some of my experiences so far. I started off on the first day with the goal of surviving; more or less standard. My starting island is in a swamp canyon, with a ravine running through it. At first I was really excited about this; the canyon has certainly helped with exposing some minerals; but it’s since been cause for some little pains. It turns out that swamps have a lower passive mob spawn rate, so I can’t really do much of anything in the sense of building a farm. Though that might be the persistent mob change skewing my perception. I’m not sure about that.

The second day, I built the Hall of Goals. On its surface, that wasn’t too crazy or incredibly interesting. I built a little structure out of wood and cobblestone, intended to help keep record of the things I’ve done so far in the game world. That experience more served to reinforce previously learned lessons, which is that if you want to keep people interested, you’d better make your world interesting. After I finished the episode, I went back and replaced parts of the walls with differently coloured wood  to give it some more presence. Thankfully I gave it some slanted corners in the beginning; if I had at any point been glad to have  wooden box and have it be a place I would return to at the end of every episode…

The third day was moat building. Robostrike (see link in sidebar) suggested that I build a moat around my house, after a comment I had made in my second episode concerning defense against Endermen. This episode, above all else, told me that I should either not air my side work at all, or keep it in a different video. Even cutting the side footage in half or more, I was still left with more side footage than I could squeeze in of the moat itself.

Day four was to conquer a “fortress” – more or less my misplaced word for a mineshaft or stronghold.  This was… Well first, when recording it I was pretty much scared out of my mind the entire time, or at least for the first hour or so. I think recording it somehow made it even worse. It didn’t help that the ‘shaft didn’t end! I in the end gave up on even seeing the entire thing, because I’d been at it for over two hours, and it was larger than most cave systems I’ve been in. That left me with a choice, and I’m pretty sure I made the wrong one. I had over two hours of footage of me wandering through this mineshaft. How was I to cut this down into something that I would even think about posting? I opted to speed up parts that weren’t incredibly interesting, and slow them down when I found a chest, a monster spawner, something that caught my eye, things like that. It meant though that the rest of the time, you’re watching footage of me running around at 6x speed. I’m not doing that again unless I’m doing something simple and repetitive, like building a wall or a floor or something.  I did get to listen to some great moody music on the Newgrounds audio portal though.

So where does this leave me? Hopefully my work will improve over time, but I need to get at least a little core group of people who don’t mind giving me suggestions until hopefully my videos achieve that critical mass needed. I need to not mind getting low view numbers (hey, I’m used to it with this blog! 😀 ), and I need to make my editing tighter and more accessible.

So if you’re reading this, and you have any knowledge of Minecraft, I’d love to hear any suggestions you have. I’ll try and make them as interesting as possible (I have something in mind, for example, with my ‘kill a mob with a feather’ goal that should make for an interesting read).

I’ll see you the next time I come out of hibernation!


~ by buncythefrog on September 19, 2011.

2 Responses to “Starting a New Project, One Block at a Time”

  1. Are your let’s play all in one world?

    • For the moment, yes. A friend has suggested doing a multiplayer one, but I don’t think I have the time for two series. Oi.

      If it means that I need to travel far and wide to complete a goal that I could accomplish fairly easily by simply starting a new one, then I’m traveling.

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