Goals For Buncy Episode 8.5: Musing on Paper (ish)

Things have gotten off the ground a little more with my let’s play. I’m having fun with it, and it’s certainly forcing me to be more creative. Follow the bump (is it called that commonly? I can’t seem to remember what the link to the full article is usually called) for some video embedding and future plans.

We left off last time at the end of episode 4.  I’m actually really glad about that, because my next four videos were orders of magnitude better than my first four.

After my mineshaft episode, I decided to be a little bit creative, and started working on the second floor of the Hall of Goals. I slapped a .5 on the end of the episode number and published some of my work. I like the idea of these .5 episodes; I get to broadcast more normal let’s play episodes, more in line with what everyone else is doing, and it also gives me a chance to improve my world. The main issue is that I don’t really want these .5 episodes to take the place of my main episode numbers (I’m trying to publish weekly on Sundays now), but it’s often two times the work in a week to get a .5 and a full episode out in a timeframe where it’s sometimes hard to do one or the other. Perhaps I should take cues from the goal I want to do that week and put out a .5 episode when I’m doing something simple that week (like this upcoming episode, talking in a silly voice).

Episode 5 was a nice departure; I was able to leave my home island and go establish myself elsewhere for a bit. My only regret about that video is that I found the NPC village the day before I found out that only newly discovered villages would contain NPCs. That and I theorized that I’d start getting the majority of my viewers in November (if I remember correctly). I’m going to look siiiiilllyyyyyy when that doesn’t come true.

It was episode 6 and 7 that really captured what I want this let’s play to be. I was given something to do, and I went out and did it, and the result in both cases was something fun to watch, I think. It’s really helped inform what I want to do for episode 10 (piggy flying goal). Lessons learned? Try and do the bulk of your recording in one session so that your voice is more or less constant, be extra careful with audio mixes, aaaaannnnddd mostly HAVE FUN WITH IT. I will really from now on try and scrap an angle I’m taking if it doesn’t seem like I’m having fun. I’ll want to skew my final product to include more of me having fun and less of the rest. Plus, being more fun will most likely push my creativity and I’ll become a better Minecrafter while I’m at it.

Episode 7.5 was another improvement episode. It really made my island look a lot better. I’m not sure what I really need to talk about with this one… It was pretty much a normal let’s play episode. I suppose one thing I can take away from this is that I should always be forward-looking and trying to make sure that I’m preparing for a goal, materials-wise, far before I actually have to start it.

Episode 8 wasn’t my best work. It was kind of rushed as I realized the pig episode wouldn’t be done in time, and I think it shows. It also made me re-evaluate what my approach to goals should be. On one hand, I didn’t want to just say “look at that, easy huh?” Just like I don’t want to just ride a pig off of a cliff. However, the episode turned into more of a tutorial, which is fine in its own right, but still kind of… bland. I should be looking for ways to make a goal interesting. For some goals, doing the thing a number of different ways might indeed work, but I really need to evaluate that beforehand.


And with that, we’re all caught up. Episode 10 looms, and it’s appropriate that it should be my pig episode. I’m really excited about making it interesting and something spectacular, which is why I’m glad that I’ve taken a bit more time to put it together.

But what I really wanted to discuss in this post was my plans for the future. There are a few things that I really want to focus on as far as my goals go: I want to make each episode more of a production; the kill a mob with a feather episode was a pretty good example of that. I want to be a lot more coherent with my episodes. I really want to keep engaging my viewers so that I don’t run out of goals any time soon. There is a long-term issue that I need to start thinking over now, and that is that eventually, it’s going to be really hard to come up with new goals. There are a few ways I can see this being overcome:

  1. I re-do goals if there’s enough of a demand. This would allow me to approach goals from new angles, or use new features of future versions of Minecraft
  2. I somehow get enough people watching my videos that among them, there’s enough creativity to think of new and interesting things
  3. I eventually move away from the goal format and into a normal let’s play, or something slightly different (like  Journey to the Far Lands series)

I’m not sure which of these is the best option though. I suppose this is something I’ll need to figure out as the shape of my LP comes into focus more.

Finally, I want to get involved in the community a little more. I’m a big fan of Vech’s Super Hostile series, and I want to get at least one game of the multiplayer version going with some friends, both online and offline. (Therefore, if you’d like to play let me know!) I feel that engaging others will help both my knowledge and my series. The more quality and creativity I have, the more I think people will be drawn to the videos.

Oh, and I’m going to make a short little theme song.

Look forward to the 23rd.


~ by buncythefrog on October 12, 2011.

2 Responses to “Goals For Buncy Episode 8.5: Musing on Paper (ish)”

  1. The Race For the Wool maps seem like a ton of fun. If the time is right, I’d be glad to join you (or battle you) in a play-through. =)

    • Awesome! Hopefully it shouldn’t be that hard to organize something.

      I suppose I need to actually formally start organizing something if I want to run it sometime. I’ll let you know when I’ve got a bit more solid footing wrt that.

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