Please Realize that You’re BEAUTIFUL

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I decided to start watching Kuragehime today (Princess Jellyfish), and as soon as I watched the ending song for the first time, I was knocked back by how amazing it is. It’s called Kimi no KIREI ni Kizuite Okure, which translates to Please Realize that You’re BEAUTIFUL.
Hit the jump for the song, lyrics, and some self-reflection.
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EIDBT – Preview over!

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Well, everyone, I’ve decided to move this thing to a new blog. This is a personal blog, and I think that this kind of thing deserves its own blog. There’s lots of time left in the game, and things would be silly if I had all those posts on my personal blog. So, I’m gonna be starting a new blog for EIDBT, and I’ll be posting the posts on their correct date (ie this new blog will start having posts in April).

With the amount of time I have, it should give me some time to really build up a post buffer and produce some better posts. I hope.

EIDBT – June 21, 2011

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(Okay, post dates have been screwed up somehow. I’m retroactively fixing them)

There’s not much to report today, folks.

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EIDBT – June 20, 2011 – Let’s confirm the obvious

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Today wasn’t really something too interesting. Actually, it was pretty uneventful.

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EIDBT – June 19, 2011 – Here we go again…

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Well, we’ve just got back from being traumatized, but it seems fate doesn’t want to give us a chance to rest. It looks like we’ve got our next victim.

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EIDBT – June 18, 2011 – School trip…

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So like I said, the school trip happened yesterday and today. It was pretty… interesting… So just read on.

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EIDBT – June 16, 2011 – I am very scared

•February 10, 2011 • Leave a Comment

I don’t really know what to say. Yukiko and Chie shopped for curry ingredients today.
I… I’ve attached an audio transcript.
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